New Dominion Pictures has partnered with m2 pictures to distribute their catalogue of shows.

Founded in 2006, m2 Pictures is an award-winning producer of hundreds of hours of compelling and ratings-grabbing television programming. By uncovering the country’s weirdest and wackiest monster mysteries, delving into the world’s most dangerous minds, and revealing the gritty stories of the streets, m2 Pictures has created some of the most compelling and talked-about unscripted and investigative programs on the air.

Programs available for distribution include:

  • WICKED ATTRACTION (Docudrama 79 x 60 min HD) Delve inside the minds and twisted romance that sparks when killer couples turn love into murder.
  • FBI CRIMINAL PURSUIT (Docudrama 49 x 60 min HD) Follow along with the world’s leading criminal agency, the FBI, as they embark on solving some of their most difficult and high-profile crimes.
  • MONSTERS AND MYSTERIES (Docudrama 28 x 60 min HD) Told through first person accounts, these stories take the audience inside a strange world of unexplained mysteries of monsters and creatures seen all over the world.
  • FBI TAKEDOWN (Docudrama 6 x 60 min HD) True stories of the Bureau’s most adrenaline-fueled manhunts, takedowns, and high-stakes games of cat-and-mouse told through exclusive access to the FBI and their case agents.
  • GANG WORLD (Documentary 2 x 60 min HD) Two-part documentary special takes a hard look at two of America’s deadliest gangs, the Hells Angels and MS-13.
  • INSIDE HATE (Documentary 4 x 60 min HD) Go inside the rise of four different aspects of the nationalist hate movement in the United States, profiling the Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazis, Skinheads and the New Black Panther Party.

Please see our catalogue for a full list of programming, details, and availability on our full content offering.