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Category: Docu-drama

  • 115 episodes
  • 60 minutes each
  • 76 episodes in HD

Season 1

Episode 01 – The Lake Club Horror

In Springfield, Illinois, the Lake Club is a monument to a bygone era – a dance hall where crowds once thrived on the sounds of classic jazz… and gamblers bet everything on a roll of the dice. Fortunes were won and lost here; entire lives built and destroyed in a single night.

In 1974, Bill and Tom transform the grand old dame into a rock n roll nightclub, and immediately begin to learn her darkest secrets. Phantom music and inexplicable blasts of cold air make each of them believe that, even when they are the only living people inside the Lake Club, they are not alone.

Others begin to share their fears, and one young woman bears the burden of a terrifying secret, a ghost’s solemn warning: One of the owners is about to die.

Episode 02 – The Haunting of Summerwind

Spiritualists sometimes refer to a region of existence where spirits roam free of material bodies as Summerland. On the shores of West Bay Lake, Wisconsin, there is a house where the living and the dead exist under the same roof. The new owners call it Summerwind.

The house has stood for nearly fifty years before Ginger sees it, and falls in love. Despite warnings that it is haunted, she moves her family into the old mansion, and begins a meticulous restoration. As time passes, Ginger becomes increasingly obsessed with the prospect of returning the house to its original glory…. While a supernatural presence drives her husband to the brink of homicidal madness.

Faced with the violent destruction of their family, Ginger and her children live in growing fear that the house will eventually consume them all.

Episode 03 – Hell House

In this world, there is real evil. It lurks in the darkest shadows, as well as the most unassuming places. It wears many masks, to deceive us and ultimately to destroy us.

When Bonnie and her family buy a 19th century farmhouse in rural Connecticut, they sense that they are being watched. After two of the children are physically attacked by unseen entities, the family contacts a world-renown team of psychic investigators – to find out what they are living with, and what it wants from them.

As the strange occurrences become increasingly violent, Bonnie develops a psychic connection with someone from the past… and investigators witness the escalation of the haunting from obsession to possession.

Episode 04 – Cursed

Modern science tells us that, on the simplest level, the material world is nothing but energy, and we are all physically connected to the world around us.

This might explain why Romie feels drawn to the abandoned house in Tucson, Arizona, that becomes her future home. It is as if she has been there before, or as if she was always meant to be there. After she moves in, Romie begins to have recurring nightmares that slowly bleed into her waking life. Late one night, she sees a shadowy spirit pacing in her hallway.

A clairvoyant later suggests that she try to make contact, to ask what her visitor wants, but Romie is overwhelmed by fear. Since the spirit seems only to threaten her directly, she begins to question her own sanity: Is the house haunted, or is Romie herself cursed?

Episode 05 – Echoes from the Grave

Ron and Nancy are convinced that their new home is too good to be true: The historic Baltimore house is ideally suited to their budget and accommodating to their large family. Only the seller has doubts that they will be happy here. As they plan their future, he casually says, “I hope you’re good fighters.”

At first, their fight is with the house itself. The electricity is unreliable. Faucets turn on and off for no reason. Objects move by themselves when no one is looking. The family tries to rationalize these strange occurrences, but Nancy perceives a more serious threat. An old woman, in historic clothing, appears to her in a dream… and laughs as the family tries to escape their burning home.

As the haunting grows more intense, the family learns that their house is a way-station between life and death… and they begin to ponder the stories they’ve heard about the previous owner, who nailed all of the windows shut. Was she trying to keep something out? Or was something trying to keep her in?

Episode 06 – Darkness Follows

There are some ties that cannot be broken – like the maternal bond between a mother and her daughter… and the psychic link between a killer and his victim.

When Al and Kellie, and her six-year-old daughter Hailey, move into a newly renovated townhouse in Montreal, they know all about the tragedy of its former residents: A single mother and her teenage daughter were evicted from the building, prompting the young girl to commit suicide. In time, they discover that her suicide was not the end of the girl’s tragedy. Audio recordings lead them to believe that she has returned to her home… And someone else has followed her.

As Al becomes obsessed with a decades-old murder mystery, Kellie realizes that an unhappy ghost is clinging to her like a new mother… and the spirit of a cold-hearted killer is trying to sever all of their family ties.

Season 2

Episode 07 – Gateway to Hell

In life, people can be tormented by their own crimes. The same may be true in death – angry spirits become imprinted on the place where they lost their humanity.

In the town of Wilder, Kentucky, a nightclub stands on the banks of the Licking River ‚Äì one of the few waterways in the world that flows true north. Club owner Bobby Mackey has heard tales that the river draws murderers and Satanists to the area like a great magnet, and that there have been times when the waters ran red with blood. Bobby doesn’t believe the stories, even after his wife Janet and employee Carl are attacked by the dead.

Deep in the bowels of the club stands an old slaughterhouse well, harboring an evil older than the building itself. When the time is right, it will rise to attack Janet‚Äôs unborn baby, and claim Carl’s immortal soul.

Episode 08 – The Diabolical

How would our reality be different if we could not perceive and communicate in the more conventional ways?

Since birth, Marie has watched Julie communicate with things unseen, and wondered: Is she communicating with angels, or something else? A session with a ouija board transforms Marie’s home into a portal for the diabolical, and the family realizes only too late that evil can lurk in the most ordinary places, and in the most innocent people.

Episode 09 – Demon Child

Jan knows that her seven-year-old son Cody is a lonely child, so she thinks nothing of it when he begins communicating with an imaginary friend. He seems happy. In time, however, Cody’s personality becomes volatile. Jan fears that her son’s friend is something beyond imagination when Cody confesses that he lives in a red box in a nearby cemetery.

Feeling helpless and desperate to protect her son, Jan contacts a Native American shaman, who uses prayers and ancient rituals to help her battle with something far more dangerous than a ghost.

Episode 10 – Sallie’s House

Deb and Tony have just begun their life together. With their first child on the way, the hardworking couple moves into a picturesque home in Atchison, Kansas, hopeful about the future.

But when their son is born, the child’s toys seem to take on a life of their own. Deb is intrigued, but she thinks that her son has a ghostly playmate. Curiosity turns to horror when Tony is tormented by strange whispers, ghostly footsteps and bloody wounds that seem to have been caused by the spirit of a deceased 7-year-old girl.

A psychic warns that she is not the cause of the violence. There is something much darker inside the home, controlling the dead child‚ and desperate to take control of the living.

Episode 11 – Hungry Ghosts

On the island of Taiwan, many people believe that there are no boundaries between the material world and the spiritual realm. Ghosts are a part of everyday life.

When an American family moves into a luxurious mansion in the Yangminshan mountains, they see and hear things that can only be explained as supernatural. Still, this well-educated family refuses to believe there are ghosts in their house until the youngest daughter becomes possessed.

The family seeks help from a Taoist priest, who explains that their house was designed to empower the dead, and torture the living.

Episode 12 – Where Demons Dwell

The Bible recounts a tale in which Jesus and his disciples came upon a pariah who was possessed. When Jesus asked the man his name, he replied that there was a legion of devils inside of him.

In Brookfield, Connecticut, 12-year-old David suffers from intense nightmares of an old man with demonic features. In his mind, the boy sees the old man flying toward his home, and his fear of impending doom grows day by day. David’s mother is unsure of how to respond‚ until they see their son get physically attacked by an invisible entity.

The family contacts paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who make contact with a legion of demons inside the child’s body. The Warrens know that, if they do not face the evil, David’s soul will be consumed by darkness.

Episode 13 – Ghost Soldier

It has been said that every photograph steals a piece of a man’s soul. What then becomes of those pieces when the subject is dead?

Lisa is entranced by an enigmatic photo of her boyfriend’s brother, who was killed in the Vietnam War. As her obsession grows, the line between dreams and reality starts to blur. Repeatedly, Lisa is awakened by waking visions of the dead soldier. She comes to believe that the picture has a life of its own.

When her young daughters confront her with stories of their own supernatural experiences inside the house, Lisa realizes that the spirit of the dead soldier is taking control of their lives.

Episode 14 – House of the Dead

Children often find themselves at the mercy of the adult world, and sometimes feel powerless to influence the course of their own existence. At times, they may be tormented by the complexities of a life that no one has been able to satisfactorily explain to them.

In a small house in Glen Burnie, Maryland, the life of 10-year-old Billy Bean is already in crisis. He and his teenage sister are attacked in the middle of the night – pinned to their beds by unseen intruders.

Billy knows that there is something evil in the house, and it is slowly destroying his family. As the attacks get worse, he struggles to learn the secrets of the house on Little Road… and fight them in any way he can, to save his sanity.

Episode 15 – Dark Forest

With casual indifference, time slowly erases reminders of the past. Old roads, once traveled regularly, are abandoned and their destinations may be forgotten.

When Clara and her family move into a small home in rural Hinsdale, New York, they are eager to get away from the chaos of city life but soon learn that their new, quiet home is full of disturbances. They hear the inexplicable sound of ritualistic chanting coming from somewhere deep within the woods, and neighbors tell tales of ghosts that roam the forest. In time, the family realizes that the peace of life in the country is merely an illusion‚ and the threat of death is very real.

A local psychic explains that the unquiet dead are being drawn to the house‚ and to a gruesome secret hidden in the storage crawlspace.

Episode 16 – A Haunting in Florida

Many spiritualists believe that some locations have an unusually high concentration of psychic energy. Beneath the ground we walk on, invisible routes may be infused with the spirits of those who came before us‚ and some routes are still traveled by spirits that have not passed on.

On the surface, Edd and Beth’s three-bedroom ranch house seems like the perfect place to raise their toddler‚ but a few weeks after they move in, they discover that they are not alone. Despite their best efforts to remain rational, the couple cannot ignore what they’ve seen with their own eyes: a transparent man sitting in one of the bedrooms, a misty apparition of an old woman standing in the doorway, and a dark heavy mist that hangs over the house‚ and grows larger, day by day.

The couple turns to a paranormal investigator, who confirms that they are at war with the spirit world. Their new home is a portal, pulsing with enough negative energy to literally explode.

Season 3

Episode 17 – Fear House

In the innocence of childhood, fear is perfect—untempered by adult rationality, which supposes that we can fully comprehend the world around us.

Following the breakup of his marriage, Steven LaChance is not surprised when his children begin having nightmares. Shadowy manifestations of their worst fears appear in the closets and basement of their home in Union, Missouri—but he believes they are simply reacting to the loss of their mother. Then Steven himself begins to experience strange things inside the house: inexplicable temperature fluctuations, electrical disturbances, and the faint sound of agonized screams. In spite of his rationality, he comes to believe that disembodied spirits are preying on his children.

Steven takes them away from the house, but when another family with small children moves in, he vows to help the innocent face a truth that adults fear to acknowledge: If you enter the world of spirits, the spirits enter yours.

Episode 18 – The Attic

Some people believe that all our knowledge of the world comes to us through sensory perception and powers of reasoning. Others believe that we can gain knowledge through intuition, a—sixth sense.

When Selena and her 3-year-old son move into an old house in Michigan, she cannot ignore what she senses. In the attic, she becomes dizzy and nauseated for no apparent reason. In the kitchen, she knows with absolute certainty that she is being watched— though no one else is there. A series of photographs show what she cannot see with the naked eye: an evil face in the attic, and the faint image of a man in the kitchen.

Armed with proof that the house is haunted, Selena and her sister enlist the help of a psychic with powers beyond simple intuition. He explains that the house is a place of suffering—for the dead, and for the living.

Episode 19 – Hidden Terror

The dynamic of people living under one roof can be a delicate balance. Mike and his girlfriend Lisa have a healthy relationship, and no concerns about moving in together—but they are not alone in their new house.

Soon after they move in, Lisa— personality begins to change dramatically, but she cannot explain why. Mike searches desperately for an explanation, and a late night encounter with an invisible entity convinces him that their home is haunted. Mike sets up audio-video surveillance throughout the house, and spends the long nights waiting and watching, desperate for proof.

What he sees leads him to question everything he believes—including his own sanity. Are ghosts real, or is he starting to lose his mind?

Episode 20 – The Unleashed

Some Native American myths speak of supernatural creatures that protect the dead. Early explorers among the Algonquin tribes of the northeastern United States told tales of werewolves, demons and a flesh-hungry beast called the Wendigo.

22-year-old Randy, a lifelong resident of the Great Lakes region, is fascinated by tales of the esoteric and the occult. When he discovers the skeleton of a Native American beneath the hearth of his rental house, he begins studying various spiritual traditions. He recites an incantation from a book on witchcraft, hoping to make contact with spirits of the dead. Soon after, a cold, growling monster appears at the foot of his bed, and tries to strangle his loved ones. Randy eventually realizes that the evil spirits do not want the house. they want him.

Randy is willing to resort to any means necessary—even the witchcraft that brought on the curse—to save his life. But the old religions cannot close the door that he has opened.

Episode 21 – A Haunting in Ireland

The Fahey family has lived in the same townhouse in the city of Galway, Ireland, for more than thirty years. Martha Fahey grew up there, and is preparing to raise her daughter in the same environment, with the help of her parents—but when the new baby arrives, something from the past is reborn.

The sounds of an infant crying keep them awake at night, but Martha’s daughter is fast asleep. In the following weeks, household items disappear mysteriously and a penetrating cold envelops the house. The family fears that they are victims of a haunting, and that Martha’s infant child is the target. They contact the Catholic Church, but a visiting priest is unable to help.

Finally, a spiritual healer reveals that the newborn child has stirred up the psychic energy of a terrible crime committed many years ago‚ and uncovered wounds that prayer alone cannot heal.

Episode 22 – The Forgotten

April James has always dreamed of renovating a Victorian house. When she and her fiancé Matt buy a historic home in Salt Lake City, Utah, they immediately begin extensive work to make it their own unaware of a ghostly inhabitant that detests change.

From the beginning, the remodeling is plagued with setbacks, and their lives are unsettled by strange events: April hears voices inside the house, and her son Brian witnesses something moving in his bedroom closet. As they struggle to comprehend what is inside their house, an angry black entity appears to them, determined to drive them out.

The couple turns to a medium, who vows to help them fight the entity, and protect the spirits of innocent children who are still being tortured by him.

Episode 23 – The Wheatsheaf Horror

Among the world’s psychics, who claim to possess extra-sensory abilities, there are those who say that they can step back in time, and see events of the past unfolding in front of them. When Suzanna Hadwin visits the Wheatsheaf Pub in North England, she experiences, first-hand, a mystery that has been buried for decades.

The new owners know that there is something strange about the pub‚ unexplainable handprints and barely audible footsteps pique their curiosity. Steeling their nerve, they use a Ouija board to contact with spirits embroiled in an unsolved murder mystery. Digging into the past, they find evidence in census records, graveyards and old photos, and behind the walls of the pub: bits of clothing, hair, and bone.

Eventually, the psychic comes face to face with a long-dead killer, and the pub itself begins to attack those within.

Episode 24 – The Possessed

When innocent people are attacked by entities from the supernatural realm, they rely on paranormal investigators to protect them from the unknown. These investigators rely on their studies, their personal experiences and, in many cases, their piety, as they assume the risk of becoming haunted themselves.

Mary Vogel has been a spiritual counselor for ten years, but a recent encounter with the demonic forces her to question everything she knows and trusts. Violent nightmares invade her mind by day and unseen entities attack her body by night. In the church, which was once a place of peace and comfort, feelings of revulsion overwhelm her. Deep in her own mind, a diabolical voice taunts her: Your God can’t help you now‚

John Zaffis, one of the world’s leading paranormal experts and Mary’s mentor, quickly realizes what is happening to her. The protector has become the possessed, and only an exorcism can save her soul.

Episode 25 – The Presence

The strength of the diabolical lies in the power of deception. In subtle ways, it destroys the bonds of friendship and family, distorts the beliefs of the faithful, and takes possession of the living.

Sarah Miller perceives that something supernatural lurks inside her new home, terrorizing her children, and causing her to doubt her own senses. Her fianc√©’s skeptical response provokes frustration, putting the entire house on-edge, as a sinister presence struggles to take control of the family.

Sarah seeks help from a lay religious demonologist, who recognizes the symptoms of a diabolical infestation, and prepares an ancient ritual to expel the evil, before it destroys the family from within.

Episode 26 – The Dark Side

Bobby and Addie Wilcott have a strained marriage that they hope will improve when they buy an historic house in New England. Their marriage is further tested when doors refuse to stay closed and the piano repeatedly plays by itself. The couple tries their best to ignore the strange occurrences until their 5-year-old son is attacked by an unseen entity.

Paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren, famous for their work on the real-life Amityville horror house, discover that the couple has a much bigger problem – a demonic presence that is feeding on the discord in Bobby and Addie’s relationship. Their only hope is an exorcism.

Season 4

Episode 27 – Dark Wrath

Recurring dreams are the mind’s way of dealing with issues that need to be resolved. But what happens when life begins to mimic the worst fears of the subconscious…and reality and dreamscapes collide?

Unsettling nightmares of a dark and angry figure plague Cindy as she prepares to move her family to an old house in her rural hometown. Assuming its just stress, Cindy pushes each restless night aside and presses on. But completing the move is not a relief…soon after Cindy and her family settle in, reality begins to mirror her nightmares. Cindy’s young daughters are frightened of their own room and Cindy can’t shake the feeling that someone-or something is watching from the shadows.

When the evil presence emerges to physically attack Cindy, she summons her courage and resolves to fight it before it can harm her loved ones.

Episode 28 – The Awakening

Stress can have powerful and destructive effects. It can weaken the body and the mind. It can erode relationships. It can even render a soul vulnerable to the supernatural…

Randy and Marcy live with real stress everyday-they both work in law-enforcement-Randy is a detective while Marcy manages the dispatch center. But in 2003, the stress mounts when the Army deploys their son to the Middle East. Marcy is wracked with worry. As she reaches her emotional breaking point, a dormant spirit awakens to threaten her. Marcy’s fears only feed the angry spirit until it is overwhelmingly powerful.

Marcy must fight to stay calm and find a way to rid her home of the evil presence before it drives her over the edge.

Episode 29 – The Calling

We all have secrets. Some of us hide things from our friends to avoid embarrassment. Others keep things from our loved ones because we fear they will think less of us.

Rebecca’s new life seems to be off to a wonderful start. Recently, she married Daniel-a kind and loving man who treats her two children as if they were his own. But Rebecca’s secret threatens to break up their happy home. Since childhood, she has been able to see and hear spirits but has blocked out their attempts to communicate. She has withheld this secret from everyone-even Daniel. But a few short months into their marriage, a ghost emerges who refuses to be ignored.

Unable to avoid the restless soul, Rebecca must put her trust in her new husband and enlist his help in her quest to find answers.

Episode 30 – The Apartment

New beginnings are always exciting. But no matter how much we look forward to them, they always come with some degree of anxiety and hardship.

Newlyweds Bill and Myrisa Spencer are on the verge of a new life. They are both in college on the road to fulfilling their dreams and they just moved into a recently renovated apartment away from Seattle’s rowdy university district. But their new apartment soon proves to be anything but quiet. Ghostly figures emerge from the shadows to roam the halls. Unable to break their lease, they are forced to coexist with the spirits until one of the entities viciously attacks Bill.

Desperate for help, Bill and Myrisa turn to local ghost hunters for answers. Their search reveals the violent past that unleashed the dark entities that threaten the Spencers.

Episode 31 – Spirits of the Dead

Dreams are vital. They beat in our hearts, they resound in our minds, they drive us forward until we turn imagination into action and breath life into destiny.

Joanne and Jim Whitley pursue their dream of owning a horse-riding business and buy an abandoned farm in New Hampshire. They eagerly renovate the property and prepare to open. But soon after they are up and running, the couple’s young son hears unexplainable sounds and Joanne senses a negative presence nearby. Frustration mounts as the business faces financial straits when the horses come down with mysteriously ailments. But Joanne truly begins to fear what she cannot see when the presence turns physical.

When their son’s life is threatened, Joanne calls on a Shamballa master to combat the evil presence threatening her home and her family.

Episode 32 – Where Evil Lurks

Home. It should be a haven of solace-a refuge from outside ills. But what happens when a paranormal terror encroaches and home turns into a prison?

Soon after the Shea family moves into an old home in Arkansas, eerie noises and ghostly voices puncture the quiet country night. The Sheas learn that a young boy died in the house. They attribute the playful paranormal activity to his ghost. But their relief quickly gives way to chilling terror as a darker threat emerges, intent on harming their family. When one of their children suffers a devastating injury, the Sheas can’t take the chance that the evil presence may be to blame.

Fearing for their children’s safety, the Sheas turn to psychic mediums who will face their own terrifying experience as they try to battle the evil that lurks inside.

Episode 33 – Spellbound

Faith is a powerful force. It can give strength to the weak. It can calm the rockiest seas. But for most people, faith provides answers that help make sense of a chaotic world.

Sandra Waldron finds the supernatural realm fascinating. But her teenage son, Gene, does not share her enthusiasm. When they learn that their house is haunted, Sandra embarks on a quest to learn more about the paranormal. Although Gene worries about Sandra’s safety, she assures him that there is nothing to fear. Soon, Sandra becomes more engrossed in the occult. Gene wants no part of it-he graduates from high school and joins the military to escape his mother’s new interests. Alone and lost, Sandra finds comfort in the Wicca religion.

Sandra tries to perform Wiccan ceremonies to bring good fortune into her life. But when her lack of knowledge about the art leads her to unwittingly open a paranormal portal, she must battle the evil that has been unleashed.

Episode 34 – Echoes of the Past

Childhood should be a time of playful discovery and innocent joy. But what happens with the realities of the paranormal realm encroach and awaken real evil?

Libby and Sean Johnson renovate a rundown old home in Vermont. But shortly after moving in, strange noises fill the night. Libby and Sean assume that there must be a logical explanation. However, after their young daughter reveals that two fairies visit her room each night, they begin to wonder if they have ghostly tenants. Eventually, Libby learns that her house does, in fact, have a tragic past. By uncovering it’s turbulent history, the Johnsons discover their home is a storehouse for restless spirits.

When the ghosts turn physical, Libby contacts a group of paranormal investigators who she hopes can evict these lost souls forever.

Episode 35 – Ghost Hunter

Paranormal investigators seek to understand the supernatural and often use their knowledge to help others. But what happens to these experts when the subject of their studies turns on them?

Stacy Jones has dedicated her life to helping others understand and cope with paranormal threats. As an expert, she feels comfortable allowing her teenage son, Jamie, to join her on an investigation at a cemetery near their home in New York. But soon after he returns home, Jamie discovers a strange marking scratched into his leg. Jaime hears unexplainable noises resound in the house and sees objects fly across the room. He knows he has awakened something evil.

When Stacey witnesses the demon attacking Jamie, she enlists her friend and colleague John Zaffis to save her son from an entity bent on possessing his soul.

Episode 36 – Stalked by Evil

Even the most innocuous places bear the scars of a twisted past. Evil can echo through time, lying dormant until the unsuspecting and the innocent unknowingly cross its path.

Judy McCarthy has great hopes for her family in their new home. But soon after they move in, a shadowy presence manifests from the darkened corners of their Texas home. Over time, it focuses its wrath on the McCarthy’s beautiful teenage daughter, Caressa. It torments her each night her where she should feel most secure-in the confines of her own bedroom. With each passing night, the ghost grows stronger and more intent on holding Caressa captive.

As Judy struggles to protect her loved ones, she uncovers a violent secret that threatens everything she holds dear.

Episode 37 – Casa de los Muertos

Birth and death are natural stages of life. But sometimes death is not the final chapter… Often, restless spirits roam the earth seeking to inflict their eternal fury on the living.

Latin Jazz Guitarist Eddie Benitez moves his family to Tempe, Arizona, hoping to resurrect his musical career. But his optimism fades when unexplainable occurrences plague the house and his son becomes gravely ill. Doctors are unable to diagnose the mysterious ailment and Eddie begins to think a supernatural entity may be to blame. When he delves into the history of the house, he learns that his son’s room was the scene of a horrific suicide. Eddie fears the spirit of a dead man is inflicting the illness on his son, slowly killing him.

With his son’s life at stake, Eddie turns to his Puerto Rican roots to combat the deadly ghost and save his family.

Episode 38 – Monster in the Apartment

Helping friends through trying times can be draining-especially when that hardship is a life-threatening illness. Confronting the reality of death is jarring but when an unearthly evil seeks to extinguish a precarious life, it’s all the more terrifying.

Morgan Knudsen needs a place to call home after her parents divorce and leave town. Her friend from work, Bob, also needs an apartment following his divorce. Soon after they move into a flat in downtown Edmonton, they discover a spirit presence. But, while it manifests to Morgan as an ominous shadow, it presents itself to Bob as a lonely spirit boy. Bob, who misses his children and feels depressed after being diagnosed with cancer, befriends the ghost. Morgan, however, knows that this is no innocent spirit-and she fears that Bob is putting himself in danger by communicating with it.

When the ghost aggressively attacks Morgan, she calls in a demonologist who reveals that the entity is trying to drive her out so that it can possess Bob.

Episode 39 – Legend Trippers

The legend trip is a rite of passage for the young and curious, a venture into the unknown. Those who dare, watch the legend awaken and find the adventure changes them forever.

Legend has it that a “ghost” will push anyone who dares to sit atop the mausoleum in Green Lake, Wisconsin’s oldest cemetery. High school classmates Nick, Krystian, and Jon test this theory on Halloween night. Refusing to believe in anything supernatural, they search the vast graveyard for the old mausoleum. Isolated from one another in the darkness, they each sense a presence watching from the overgrown brush.

As their doubts turn to fears, the boys quickly learn what dark secrets hide amid the old gravestones. Fearing for their lives, they try to escape-before the darkness envelops them and the otherworldly spirits seek revenge.

Season 5

Episode 40Angels and Demons

Maryland single Mom Kathie Sheats hopes life will change for the better when she marries her boyfriend Brian.  But “something” inside her house has other ideas.

Spiritual warfare literally breaks out…taking over Kathie’s mind, body and soul.   After a priest, psychic and paranormal investigator fail to rid her and her home of the evil presence, it’s up to Kathie alone to “exorcise” the demon.

In a classic battle between good and evil, Kathie desperately calls on an angel for help…and her message is heard.

Episode 41Dark Dreams

Michigan attorney Chris Gibbons and his family think they’ve finally found their dream house. But when Chris starts renovating, he discovers it’s the start of a nightmare.

A ghost, visible to Chris’s children, haunts the home and drives Chris to the point of insanity by also infiltrating his dreams.   Only with the help of paranormal investigators, priests, psychics, and shamans does Chris figure out a way to protect his family and “evict” the evil spirit.

At least for now…

Episode 42Blood Visions

Betty Johnson and her family think they have found their perfect new residence in rural Michigan.  But as Betty and her family settle in, they realize they are not alone.

Faced with a supernatural threat and unexpected financial distress, the family moves hoping to leave their troubles behind.  But when Betty’s oldest child, Brinn, starts experiencing bloody visions and is physically attacked, the family realizes “it” has followed them.

With the help of investigators, Betty cleanses their lives of the presence once and for all.

Episode 43 – Back from the Grave

North Carolina natives Jamie and Aaron live the perfect small-town Southern lifestyle filled with the love of family and friends. Stay-at-home-mom Jamie enjoys taking walks with her children through her historic neighborhood, until “something” dark and sinister follows them home.

Jamie soon finds her son directly communicating with an entity from “beyond the grave”. In desperation, she reaches out to local paranormal experts and risks being ostracized by her conservative community to keep her family safe…and sane.

Episode 44Nightmare in Bridgeport

Connecticut child safety specialist Bob Baker has devoted his life to protecting children from natural and supernatural harm.  After years of battling supernatural forces, he thinks he’s seen it all.  But when his mother starts hearing voices in his childhood home, Bob is faced with a demon that evolves from his own nightmares.

After colleagues, priests, and a world-renowned exorcist fail to cleanse the property, Bob resorts to literally “smoking out” the demon to reclaim his mother’s home and his own life.

Episode 45Nightmare Upstairs

The VanLandingham Family of six decides it’s finally time to move to a larger house in the small town of Wynne, Arkansas.  The home is beautiful, spacious, and even has a private floor above the garage for teenagers Brianna and Heather.

What the family first considers “house-settling” noise and behavior quickly turns into a full-scale supernatural physical attack on both daughters. The family desperately reaches out to their pastor and a local paranormal investigator, but the entity is too strong.   The family is forced to abandon their “dream house” forever.

Episode 46The Allen House

With great pride and excitement, Professor Mark Spencer and his wife Rebecca have just purchased the historic Allen House in Arkansas.

The house has a unique character, but they begin to experience unexplained events shortly after moving in.   After exhaustive research, Mark learns that the house may be haunted by the spirit of a woman named LaDell, who mysteriously died in the master bedroom. But Mark and Rebecca do not believe in ghosts.  They remain skeptical until Rebecca comes face to face with a faceless spirit.  Determined to get answers, Mark calls investigators to determine if the spirit means them harm.

What he uncovers is the dark and troubling truth…about LaDell’s suicide.

Episode 47The Uninvited

Meriden, Connecticut natives Lynn and Jason Ryder purchase a historic restaurant, thinking it will be an “adventure” to operate an establishment so much a part of their youth.   Little do they know their experience is about to turn into their worst nightmare.

Employees and patrons are physically and emotionally attacked.  Lynn and Jason watch their dreams of owning a successful business slip away.  With the help of investigators, mediums and clairvoyants, Lynn is able to rid the restaurant of the supernatural presence…for now……

Episode 48The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer

Georgia single mother Cindy Sauer is finally getting back on her feet after the sudden death of her husband.  But as she is recovering from her loss, nightmares and dark shadows haunt the family and mark the beginning of something far worse.

When Cindy turns to the help of investigators, she gets both answers and something “darker.”   A demon possesses Cindy, taking over her body and mind.  Cindy turns to a priest to exorcise the demon before it can claim another life.

Episode 49Death’s Door

Victoria Dane never thought death would feel this way…like falling through an endless black void…until BAM…she’s shocked back to life.  Victoria awakens to learn that she was accidently overdosed before an emergency surgery and flat-lined for more than seven minutes.

While recovering at home, she starts to notice unusual occurrences.  She thinks it must be her medicine wearing off.  But then, after moving to New Mexico to be with her family, those “unusual occurrences” evolve into full-bodied physical attacks.  With the help of a local investigation company,

Victoria comes to realize that the supernatural activity she is experiencing stems from her near-death experience. She fears that she’s opened a door to a paranormal world that can never be shut.

Season 6

Episode 50 – Marked by Evil

When Stephanie Winters rejects the advances of a friend, he steals a piece of her hair and threatens to put a spell on her.  Soon after, Stephanie and her husband Nicholas are settling into their new home in Virginia when they notice strange noises and objects moving on their own.  The couple suspects they are living with a poltergeist and attempt to ignore the activity, hoping it will move on.  What starts as a few broken dishes quickly escalates when the entity in their home violently scratches Stephanie and tries to choke her.  They realize this is something much darker and turn to a paranormal investigator for help.  Could Stephanie’s friend have performed a powerful ritual and conjured a demon? As the brutal attacks on Stephanie grow more frequent, the investigator seeks out the help of a religious demonologist and the church to rid their lives of the demon bent on destroying Stephanie.

Episode 51Well from Hell

Mark Corvo returns to his Childhood home, a large Colonial just outside Hartford, Ct. To earn extra income, he decides to rent the extra rooms to tenants. Soon, tenants report unusual things happening around the house; doors slamming and unexplained footsteps, but Mark rationalizes the mysterious sounds as living in a 100 year old house. Mark notices a change in one of his favorite tenants- Ashley. Ashley seems dark and depressed and begins hanging out with mysterious guests. A few weeks later, Ashley has a mental breakdown, claiming the house has been overtaken by evil spirits and leaves the home. Soon, Mark discovers that Ashley and her mysterious friends have been practicing the dark arts and finds a ceremonial alter in his attack. Mark reaches out to the Ghosts of New England Research Society for professional help. During their investigation, G.O.N.E.R.S captures evidence of several different spirits in the home. They believe Ashley’s dabbling in the dark arts opened a portal to the other side and drew spirits to the location. They also believe Mark is an Empath and believe that is why he’s been experiencing so much activity. The team gives Mark guidance on how to deal and understand his gift. Mark tries to focus on the positive in his home and not engage with the spirits. While doing repair work on his roof, Marks senses a dark presence behind him. He challenges the entity and is knocked off the roof-he is nearly killed. After recovering from his accident, Mark returns home with a renewed sense of hope. Although Mark will always have a connection with the spiritual world, he knows what will keep the activity at bay.

Episode 52Black Magic

During the renovation of her 150-year-old Pennsylvania home, Debbie Guy notices several strange occurrences; lights turn on and off, doors open and close, and objects move on their own. After seeing an apparition of a young girl, Debbie accepts the old house has a ghost and they will have to live with it. But when a teenage boy staying with Debbie dabbles in the occult, the paranormal activity in the house grows darker. A pastor attempts to bless the house, however the activity continues. Soon after, the teenage boy delves deeper into black magic, ultimately taking a life in a ritual and unleashing forces he cannot control. Family members are tormented, scratched, and pushed by an evil entity and Debbie seeks the help of paranormal investigators who will face their toughest case yet.

Episode 53Haunted Victorian

Edwin Gonzalez and Lillian Otero believe they’ve found their dream home- a beautiful Victorian mansion. After moving in, the couple begins to experience strange occurrences; mysterious footsteps, doors slamming on their own and unexplained noises. When Edwin witnesses a full body apparition and can no longer deny that their house is haunted. He reaches out to series of paranormal investigators in hopes that they can help. Lillian’s personality begins to shift and becomes distant and depressed; she’s being possessed by an evil female spirit. Lillian is physically attacked while sleeping and the couple tries to escape, but is it too late?

Season 7

Episode 54 – Demon’s Revenge

Two different entities roam the property of a 200-year-old farmhouse, terrorizing the family living there. But they are determined to stay in the home, escalating the paranormal activity to threatening heights.

Episode 55 – The Shadowman

Two brothers encounter a demonic entity in the woods surrounding their Florida home and confront their tormenter decades later.

Episode 56 – Demon Unearthed

After a dark entity is awakened beneath a 19th century mansion, the Rice family experiences a terrifying haunting that forces them to abandon their dream house.

Episode 57 – Devil Inside Me

John Drenner, Jr. finds a satanic bible and unwittingly unleashes a relentless demon that will stop at nothing to destroy him.

Episode 58 – Evil Never Dies

A family’s dream home quickly turns to their nightmare when they become the focus of an abusive ghost.  When the haunting turns violent, they seek out an empathy and discover the dark history of the property.

Episode 59 – Ashes to Evil

Fire reveals the dark and deadly past of a family’s new home. They must find help before a demon claims their lives as well.

Episode 60 – Ghost Fury

When the Cain family moves into an Ohio farmhouse, they soon find out their idyllic home and property are haunted by the ghosts of a brutal murder and a deadly blaze.

Episode 61 – Nightmare In The Attic

When a family moves into a home with a dark, hidden history, they soon begin to realize they are not alone. Dark rituals and death have attracted evil to the home and it has the children in its sight.

Episode 62 – Child’s Play

When a relentless demon threatens to shatter the idyllic home life of the close-knit Cupit family they turn to a team of paranormal investigators and demonologist to battle the evil force and force it back into hell.

Episode 63 – Shape of Evil

After a series of unexplained events, a young family discovers a long history of death connected to their new home and wonders if it’s haunted. But when the family is attacked, they turn to investigators before a shape-shifting demon turns vicious.

Episode 64 – Phantom Room

A family discovers a secret room in their new home, enraging a volatile ghost who will stop at nothing to drive them out.

Episode 65 – Trapped In Terror

When Taylor Jones’ estranged mother comes to visit, she opens their home up to the world of the undead. Taylor turns to a team of paranormal investigators who uncover the brutal truth of what happened in her attic years ago.

Episode 66 – Portal of Doom

A mother and son match wits against a vicious demon who uses an ancient artifact to open portals in their home.

Episode 67 – Ghost Inferno

After moving in, a young family senses a presence in their home. They quickly realize it’s a ghost taking his rage out on them. After discovering the tragic history of the land, they search for help to rid the home of the entity before it’s too late.

Episode 68 – Curse of the Mummy

After a chilling encounter with an Egyptian mummy, a young man is plagued by a vile creature that seeks to steal his soul.

Episode 69 – Conjuring Evil

After a teenager experiments with the occult, darkness is attracted to her Alaskan home. It targets the family, driving them apart before attacking. As it grows stronger the family realizes their lives are at risk, and turn to experts for help.

Season 8

Episode 70 – Mind Control

In 2012, when her relative William falls ill, Amanda Morrisson, her husband Nate and their two children, volunteer to clean his home, sell it and use the money to pay for his care. But after the family stumbles across satanic objects in the home, strange things start happening. Nate sees a mysterious shadow figure, son David has nightmares and daughter Alliah sinks deeper into depression. One night, Amanda comes face to face with the entity. The family brings in a local demonologist to cleanse the home and discovers the reason behind the haunting. When David helped clear out William’s house, he took an evil necklace of a serpent wrapped around a staff with a demon attached to it.

Episode 71 – Heartland Horror

Teenager Nolan Lydolph has seen human ghosts his entire life. But after he and his parents return home from a ghost tour in Branson, Missouri, strange spirits of a different nature creep through the darkened corners of their Iowa farmhouse. When sinister shadows escalate to vicious scratches, Nolan and his mother contact Wesley Fox–the paranormal investigator who hosted the ghost tour. Wesley and his psychic medium wife, Melissa, encounter a cagey and calculating demon dead-set engineering Nolan’s untimely demise. Nolan has no choice but undertake a life-threatening struggle to rid himself and his family of an undaunted evil.

Episode 72 – Eternal Grief

Shortly after moving into her home in rural Indiana, Jennifer Patterson receives a warning from a stranger that she is not alone in the house. Initially, Jennifer doesn’t believe the house is haunted, but when she hears strange voices and smells unexplained scents she begins to wonder if the previous owner, who died in the house, still inhabits it. She is not comfortable with the thought, but is unwilling to give up her home to a ghost and hopes she can coexist with it. Shortly after her boyfriend, Shawn, moves in the activity turns violent and the couple worries they are in danger.  The couple turns to paranormal experts in hopes of finding a solution to the haunting.

Episode 73 – Game of Lies

In 2012, Olivia and Jesse Barbour move into their dream home with five-year-old daughter Marie. Soon after, Marie makes her first friend in the neighborhood, a boy named Jackson. Her mother is thrilled until she realizes Jackson is really an imaginary friend. Marie’s father believes she’s just going through a creative stage. At first it’s all fun and games, until Marie grows fearful of sleeping in her bedroom. From that moment on, the worrisome events begin to escalate. Olivia finds mysterious bruises on Marie; and her daughter says that Jackson wants her to follow him into heaven. With no explanation, Olivia begins to suspect their house is haunted. When Marie tells her parents that Jackson choked her and they find red marks around her neck, the family calls for help. A paranormal investigator and a psychic uncover that their home was once occupied by a bitter old man who disguises himself as a young boy to torture Marie.

Episode 74 – Demons Never Die

Shortly after starting a new job and moving his family to the suburbs, Bill Toler suspects his house is haunted when he and his wife Amanda hear mysterious sounds. At first the couple dismisses the activity as harmless. But when Bill gets scratched and Amanda sees a terrifying inhuman face, they can no longer deny the entity’s presence. Paranormal investigators uncover a portal in their home and discover a demon followed Bill home from his job at the state penitentiary. In a race to protect the family, investigators must close the portal and rid the house of the demon.

Episode 75 – Evil Rises

After a major surgery forces Jacinda Rearick to recuperate at home, she discovers orbs in family photos. At first, Jacinda believes that they are her deceased parents watching over her as she recovers. But when her son Justin is confronted by a dark entity, Jacinda senses that something much more sinister is invading her home. When shadowy tentacles physically attack Jacinda, nearly suffocating her, she turns to local investigators to rid the house of the evil entity.

Episode 76 – Tunnel of Death

Candace and John St. Clair explore a haunted tunnel with a gruesome history where slaves where buried alive. Unbeknownst to the family, an uninvited guest follows them home. At first, the demon toys with the family. Candace finds all her dishes broken and their 5-year-old daughter Jaycee has terrifying nightmares. But when Candace and John are attacked by the entity, they invite paranormal experts to investigate and cleanse the home. Will it work before the family is forced to flee their home?

Episode 77 – House of Sorrows

In 2012, Darrin and Jamie Shriver move into a home with a tragic history — years earlier four people were found dead in the house of CO poisoning. Soon after moving in, Darrin and Jamie hear strange sounds and Darrin sees a ghostly woman. They suspect the spirits of the people who died in the house are trapped there. But then the haunting takes a dark turn and Darrin and one of the family dogs are attacked. Paranormal investigators determine a demonic entity is in the home and cleanse the house, but Darrin unwittingly invites dark entities back into the home threatening the safety of his wife and new baby.

Episode 78 – Ghost of War

When Dennis Pongratz finds his deceased father’s Army belongings he unlocks a treasure trove of WWII memorabilia, including an armband removed from a Nazi soldier killed in battle. Yet what seems to be a fortuitous find proves to be anything but. Unbeknownst to Dennis and his wife Debbie, the discovery triggers a rash of eerie phenomena as the Nazi soldier seeks vengeance from beyond the grave. Soon the Pongratz home becomes a battleground between good and evil where one spirit is determined to wreak havoc on the couple while the other spirit is intent on stopping its reign of terror.

Episode 79 – Vision of Terror

When Stacy Stowe hears ghostly sounds in her home, she assumes it’s the spirit of her late husband who died in a tragic car accident. But Stacy’s young daughter Bryn believes that, whatever is in the house, is not her father; it’s something evil. Soon dark figures prowl the home and the family comes under attack. After Stacy calls upon a gifted paranormal cleanser to rid the home of evil, all is well for more than a year. But then, a new psychic warns Stacy that the family will find no peace until they close the portal that has opened the door for evil to enter their home and their lives.

Episode 80 – Fear Feeders

Looking for a fresh start after a divorce, Al Gonzalez purchases a home outside Fort Wayne, Indiana. Within weeks he begins to hear strange noises and sees unexplainable shadows in his home. After seeing an apparition, Al concludes his house is haunted. Unable to move and concerned others will think he’s crazy; Al keeps the activity to himself. But after entities torment him day and night, even mimicking the voice of a deceased family member, Al decides he needs help. Paranormal investigators determine the entities in Al’s home are dangerous and that he is not their first victim.

Episode 81 – Ghost Confessions

The Sherman family is living the American dream when an uninvited guest wreaks havoc on their idyllic lives. 17-year-old Macy quickly becomes the target of an unknown entity that appears to find pleasure in terrifying her when she is alone. Then, when her younger sister Kelsey and their mom Carrie experience the paranormal activity, they believe that there is a spirit in their home. Despite growing fears, their father Mike remains skeptical. But when he hears an unseen presence actually voice its intentions, he can no longer deny that he and his family are victims of the supernatural. The family reaches out for help, praying that they can get rid of the spirit intent on staying in their home forever.

Episode 82 – Love Curse

For years a dark force stalks Lee Moore, pursuing him in the depths of his nightmares. But when Lee and his new bride Claire settle into their first home, the evil entity emerges from the shadows and attacks Claire while she’s carrying the couple’s unborn baby. Frantic, Lee contacts a ghost hunter. She determines the dark spirit is a demon and brings in demonologists to cleanse the home. Months pass and all is calm. But one night, the ghost hunter returns uninvited and insists on performing a second cleansing ritual. The next morning, Lee comes down with a sudden and drastic illness. Doctors are stumped. Can the demonologists save him from the evil force that seeks to claim his body and soul?

Episode 83 – Demon’s Lair

For years, the Cranmer family thought their historic Pittsburgh dream home was haunted by a harmless ghost. But, when the activity grows violent, the family fights back with the only weapon they have, prayer. Turning to the Catholic Church for help, they uncover a demon lurking deep in the home along with dark secrets about its past. As the demon grows bolder it physically attacks the family and covers walls in a blood-like substance. Unwilling to abandon their home, the family enters a battle with the demon, culminating with an exorcism of the house.

Episode 84 – Ghost Protector

A mother and daughter both believe their house is haunted. But while the mother believes it’s the spirit of her murdered boyfriend, her daughter believes it’s much darker. After paranormal experts investigate they uncover an epic battle between good and evil.

Episode 85 – Immortal Love

LOVE–Shortly after Whitney, Kris, and their daughter Lily moving into their first home, a restless spirit shatters the serenity of their idyllic suburban life. Lily is frightened by disembodied voices and Whitney feels a spectral presence lurking in the shadows. Soon, the ghostly intruder takes control of Kris, wielding him as an unwitting pawn and forcing the normally loving family man to turn surly and volatile whenever he’s in the home. But Whitney refuses to let her marriage crumble around her and calls in a paranormal team who uncover the truth behind the spirit’s tragic death and his intense obsession with Whitney. Can the team’s psychic medium resolve the haunting and help the spirit cross over?

Season 9

Episode 86 – Living Nightmare

Angela a newlywed, is excited to start her new life with Stephen when the recurring nightmares that she experienced as a child suddenly resurface. Soon the menacing old hag from her dreams encroaches on her waking hours. Angela initially attributes the eerie activity to anxiety and keeps her torment a secret from her new husband. But when the old hag terrorizes her daughter and takes temporary possession of her son she realizes the old hag is not in her head—it’s undeniably real. At Stephen’s urgent behest Angela calls in paranormal investigators in an effort to rid her family of a relentless evil before it shatters their bonds forever.

Episode 87 – Bewitched

All appears to be on track when Sidney moves his pregnant girlfriend into the home he shares with his mother. But their happiness is suddenly shattered when the family begins experiencing disturbing events. What starts with a threatening phone call escalates when Sidney is physically attacked. The family realizes an ex-friend is trying to tear the couple apart through witchcraft and has endangered Sidney and everyone he loves. When Jaime becomes the target of a life-threatening attack, the family seeks out the help of paranormal investigators before it’s too late.

Episode 88 – Dangerous Games

Carl Johnson begins using a spirit board with his siblings, Keith and Cynthia, to communicate with the spirit haunting their home. As the activity amps up and begins to grow more violent, Keith is the first to worry that something is terribly wrong. Carl’s interest only grows as he tries to discover who the female spirit is and what she wants. But when their sister, Cynthia, is attacked both boys realize they are in over their heads and reach out to a paranormal investigator for help.

Episode 89 – Mother’s Terror

When Jeanette’s firefighter husband dies in the line of duty, she draws on her indomitable New Yorker spirit and moves her daughters to a rustic hamlet in Long Island to start anew. But their rural refuge proves anything but idyllic. Shortly after moving in, Jeanette and her daughters make chilling discoveries that hold the key to the dark secrets of the past. When an evil entity lashes out at her daughter, Jeanette refuses to quit without a fight. Faced an onslaught of evil, she brings in a psychic to reveal the chilling history of the house and property and a deliverance minister who is intent on ridding the home of a relentless evil.

Episode 90 – Face of Evil

Joy, a working mother of three, assumes a girl’s weekend at a haunted plantation will be a pleasant change of pace. But after she returns, her youngest child’s sleep is shattered by the ominous presence of a dark phantom. When the same spirit confronts Joy she realizes she’s seen its face before–in one of the photos taken on her trip. Joy tries to rid her family of the threat but the spirit lashes out at her children. Soon, a dogged paranormal investigator reveals that the spirit is attached to Joy and has no connection to the plantation. With his help she must delve into the darkest recesses of the past to free her family from a relentless evil.

Episode 91 – Ghostly Voices

Angelina Balistreri believes her home is haunted by a harmless ghost, while her husband, Emiliano, is skeptical of the paranormal. At first it’s all fun and games until their daughter begins hearing a voice in her head. The Balistreri’s immediately embark on a mission to find answers. When medical tests prove there is nothing wrong with their daughter, her parents begin to fear her strange behavior is connected to the paranormal activity in their home. They call in a priest and medium who makes contact with a troubled ghost and helps him cross over and find peace.

Episode 92 – Untouchable

After her mother, Linda, returns from a routine overseas trip to India, Kara Dravis begins experiencing unexplained and terrifying events in their home that lead her to believe it is haunted. Initially, Linda is certain there is a logical explanation for her daughter’s experiences. Linda explores every possibility to try and ease her daughter’s fears. But when Linda has her own paranormal encounter, she realizes Kara is right. Terrified to remain in the house, Linda and Kara turn to a clairvoyant in hopes she can reveal the truth of what they are experiencing and find a resolution to the haunting.

Episode 93 – Buried Secrets

Strange sounds and eerie sensations lead Charles Gonzales to suspect that a spirit haunts his Florida home. It’s a chilling revelation for Charles—growing up, he and his family experienced a rash of paranormal activity after the unsolved murder of his favorite uncle. Eager to reclaim his home, Charles contacts psychic medium Desiree Page who reveals that his’ grandfather is trying to warn him about something from beyond the grave. Soon the nefarious spirit attacks Charles and his girlfriend. Frightened and frantic, Charles asks Desiree and her colleague Rich Valdes to investigate his home. There, Desiree encounters the vicious spirit who seeks to keep Charles in its clutches forever. To free himself, Charles must delve into his boyhood memories to unravel the secrets of the past and shatter a deadly family curse.

Episode 94 – Masks of Terror

Jeanette Osborne treats herself to a set of Haitian masks to decorate the California dream home she shares with her husband Bob Griffith and their 12-year-old son Grier. But shortly after she hangs the masks on the wall, she and Grier find a dead bird stuffed with straw inside their home. More strange activity leads Grier to conclude that the masks are to blame. But Jeanette refuses to accept that they could be the source of the trouble. When an unseen force physically attacks Grier, Jeanette calls in a voodoo priest and world-renowned paranormal investigator John Zaffis. Can Jeanette calm a restless spirit before it wreaks irreparable havoc on her family’s lives?

Episode 95 – Field of Ghosts

For as long as she can remember, Markie Beason has sensed a presence in her home. While her family believes it’s just her imagination, Markie grows more certain their house is haunted as the spirits turn their attention on her. She has no idea who the spirits are or what they want, but she senses something horrible happened and becomes frightened to be alone in the house. Finally, her father, David, accepts her “gifts” are real and he reaches out to a paranormal investigation group in hopes they can discover who the spirits are and bring peace to the home.

Season 10

Episode 96 – Demon Whispers

When Phil Pritchard’s beloved father dies, he falls into a deep depression that renders him vulnerable to an unearthly evil that begins influencing him and will stop at nothing to render him a pawn in its relentless thirst for misery and murder.

Episode 97 – House of Nightmares

When Tracey Berrios experiences paranormal activity inside her new home, she suspects spirits tied to the house’s history. But after something evil attacks Tracey, she fears for the safety of her family and turns to paranormal investigators for help.

Episode 98 – Wicked Eviction

Tammy Shea, a single mother of three, relocates her family for a fresh start but her dream turns to a nightmare when her family is antagonized by multiple entities. Desperate, Tammy finds a paranormal team who reveal the true evil in the home.

Episode 99 – Haunted Past

As Deborah Utley begins experiencing paranormal events in her home, she turns to her faith for protection. But when her children are targeted by the entity she seeks the aid of paranormal investigators to end the cycle of terror.

Episode 100 – Provoking Evil

Sam Baltrusis’ séance performance leaves him possessed and desperate for safety. A Shaman battles the spirit, so Sam can regain control of his life.

Episode 101 – The Haunted Cabinet

When a couple brings an antique cabinet into their Tennessee home, unexplained events begin to happen. Searching for an answer, they set up a surveillance camera and capture proof the cabinet is the source of the paranormal activity.

Episode 102 – Grave Awakenings

A woman makes the harrowing discovery that her new home harbors a paranormal portal. Even more shocking, the activity has awakened her dormant ability as a psychic medium, forcing her to learn how to live with her newfound power to see the dead.

Episode 103 – Norman The Doll

A paranormal investigator doesn’t believe in haunted objects until he captures proof that an antique doll he recently acquired is possessed. Fearing he is in over his head, he attempts to get rid of it, but the evil toy has other plans.

Episode 104 – When The Lights Go Out

Newlyweds find themselves the targets of an aggressive spirit after bringing home souvenirs from their honeymoon. The couple fears one of the objects is haunted and reach out to paranormal investigators for aid.

Episode 105 – Gateway to Evil

Devastated by a friend’s senseless murder, a teenage girl holds a seance to communicate one last time and unwittingly invites a malevolent entity into her own home.

Season 11

Episode 106 – Bottled Spirits

Kim and Eric Masson’s dream of owning a restaurant is interrupted when they realize the building is haunted. When the haunting grows dire, The Masson’s call on paranormal investigators in the hope that they can help them keep their doors open.

Episode 107 – Deliverance in Chicago

Sandra and Isidro Nuno experience progressively dark entities targeting their two daughters, Sabrina and Shanon, in their Chicago home. Desperate for help, the Nunos reach out to a “spiritual warrior” to combat the demons lurking in the shadows.

Episode 108 – Daydreams & Nightmares

Dana Walters’ dream of opening a successful costume shop is interrupted when they find the building she just bought comes with resident spirits. When the haunting grows more dangerous, she calls on a local psychic spiritualist to investigate.

Episode 109 – Inner Demons

Former police officer Joe Mignano marries his childhood sweetheart, Danika, and the two are confronted with dangerous poltergeist activity in their home outside of Providence, Rhode Island. They contact a well-known demonologist seeking help.

Episode 110 – Asylum 49

A lifelong haunted house enthusiast and his niece purchase an old hospital in Tooele, Utah. As the staff transforms it into a “haunted house,” they experience a series of paranormal events suggesting that their Halloween attraction is really haunted.

Episode 111 – Return to Bergen House

Cathy Heglund finds herself in a nightmare when she is forced to return to the home that haunted her childhood. When the spirits get aggressive, paranormal researchers and psychics band together to give her what she’s wanted for decades…. answers.

Episode 112 – Nevermore

A couple finds themselves under attack by spiritual forces summoned by a jealous ex. As the paranormal forces grow more violent, they turn to multiple paranormal experts as they attempt to break the curse by any means before it breaks them up.

Episode 113 – The Devil’s Doll

Mary Jo Chudley is enchanted by a pair of collectible dolls and brings them home. She names them “Gretchen” and “Lily Mae” and is soon stricken by a blood-related illness that nearly kills her. Are the dolls responsible?

Episode 114 – The Man in the Closet

A couple remodels an old farmhouse, awakening an angry spirit who taunts them and their young daughter, in an attempt to resolve century-old-debts. After a nearly fatal encounter, a medium and two investigators team up to put an end to the haunting.

Episode 115 – Deliver Us from Evil

When a young couple begins experiencing unexplained events and makes a gruesome discovery in their remote cabin, they fear the previous resident never left. Paranormal investigators realize the building is in need of deliverance before it’s too late.