Series Details

Category: Docu-drama

  • 20 episodes
  • 30 minutes each

Season 1

Episode 01 – Art Attack

The International Foundation for Art Research tracks and recovers pilfered works of priceless art, including a rare Rembrant.  

Episode 02 – The Silver Touch

Legendary cat burglar Blane David Nordahl is a man of discriminating taste – he only steals fine silver from the homes of celebrities.

Episode 03 – Armored Robbery

Fed up with his $7-an-hour job, a security guard at an armored car company makes off with $18.8 million- the largest heist in U.S. history.

Episode 04 – Caper at Kennedy Airport

Seven men rob the Lufthansa Air Cargo terminal at Kennedy Airport in an intricately choreographed crime that nets $8 million in cash, gems and gold.

Episode 05 – Plunder Under Nice

A group of accomplished international thieves tunnel under the streets of Nice, France to steal $10 million in cash and jewels from an allegedly impregnable vault.

Episode 06 – A Great Escape

During WWII, a crafty German fighter pilot escapes not once, buy twice as he is being transported to prisoner-of-war camps.

Episode 07 – The Great Train Robbery

A gang of fifteen of England’s greatest thieves stops the Royal mail train and make off with 120 bags of mail containing an estimated $5 million in untraceable bills.

Episode 08 – The Pierre Hotel Heist

Five men in tuxedos enter the lobby of Manhattan’s lavish Pierre Hotel, handcuff nineteen guests and employees and make off with $10 million in gems and cash.

Episode 09 – Reach For The Stars

A surfing champion turned cat burglar steals the famous “Star of India” sapphire from the American Museum of Natural History.

Episode 10 – Miami Heights

The notorious “Spiderman” burglar scales 30-story buildings in affluent Miami without ropes or hooks to steal a total of over $6 million in cash and jewels.

Season 2

Episode 11 – Brinks Job

An unlikely gang of thieves cracks an impenetrable fortress to pull off the crime of the century. Disappearing with their millions, they confound police and capture the imagination of the entire country.

Episode 12 – 90 Second Bandits

Canada’s most famous gang of robbers set their sights South of the Border. They take millions from U.S. banks and lead police on a chase that lasts ten long years.

Episode 13 – Cops And Robbers

Police officers and criminals inhabit the same dark world of scams and schemes. But what happens when the line blurs between the cops… and the robbers?

Episode 14 – The Knightsbridge Heist

An Italian playboy commits the world’s largest armed robbery, triggering a world-class game of cat-and-mouse.

Episode 15 – Berlin Tunnel Gangsters

In Germany, an elaborate bank robbery ends in a standoff with police. The lives of 15 hostages hang in the balance. But as investigators would quickly learn, nothing is, as it seems…

Episode 16 – Hesse Jewels

In WWII Germany, U.S. Army officers break through a castle wall to plunder a royal treasure. For the thieves, it was the dream of a lifetime. But to U.S. authorities, recovering the treasure was a matter of national honor.

Episode 17 – Earl Spencer’s Best Man

Two British businessmen with ties to the crown are victimized by gem thieves in New York City. But as Scotland Yard and the NYPD would learn, nothing about this crime is what it seems…

Episode 18 – Queen of Jewels

A cunning jewel thief leads police on a chase that spans the globe and lasts a decade. Authorities all over the world seem powerless as they pursue a brilliant woman they come to know as “the Queen of Jewels”.

Episode 19 – The Pilfering Professor

A criminal conspiracy threatens to wipe out England’s cultural heritage – one robbery at a time. Police struggle to catch an obsessed thief as artifacts worth millions disappear into London’s underworld.

Episode 20 – Tunnel 57

In the early 1960’s, the Berlin wall separates families, friends, and lovers. For a young student from the west and his fiancée in the east, cold war politics become intensely personal.