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Category: Documentary

  • 4 episodes
  • 60 minutes each

Season 1

Episode 01 – Renaissance Of The Dinosaurs

Many early paleontologists, in their haste to assemble as many of the dinosaurs as possible, made mistakes in reconstructing dinosaurs and their habitats. See how today’s scientists consider that dinosaurs may have been a completely unique group of animals far more complex and intelligent than we had ever imagined.

Episode 02 – Land Of The Giants

Travel back to the teeming landscape of the badlands of North America during the age of the dinosaurs where sheer size was an herbivore’s best defense against predators. Discover how dinosaurs used their horns, thick skulls and stamping feet not only to scare off enemies, but also to attract mates

Episode 03 – The Killer Elite

Despite our modern views about dinosaurs, some of these creatures have managed to maintain their monstrous reputation: the carnivores. Find out how fleet-footed raptors used their razor-like claws to gut luckless prey, and why the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex may not have been the feared attacker as was once thought.

Episode 04 – And Then There Were None

How could dinosaurs flourish for over 160 million years and then suddenly vanish? In the Yucatan Peninsula lies an intriguing clue: the shadowy remains of a huge meteorite crater. Could it be the smoking gun that extinction theorists have been looking for?