Series Details

Category: Docu-drama

  • 3 episodes
  • 60 minutes each

Season 1

Episode 01 – Delphi 300

IndyCar team owner Eddie Cheever is feeling the pressure. His team hasn’t won a race all year and with three races left, Cheever is desperate to pull out a victory – his team’s survival depends on it. As Cheever and his team watch rookie driver Ed Carpenter fight his way into fifth place during the Delphi Indy 300, the Red Bull Cheever Racing pit area is charged with excited energy. Will this be the win they so badly need? But within seconds, that chance is gone when Ed makes a disastrous mistake, knocking himself out of the top ten and threatening his chances of winning Rookie of the Year. It only gets worse when a blunder by a member of the 51-car pit crew causes veteran driver Alex Barron to fall all the way to last place.

Episode 02 – Toyota 400

Indy racing – 220 miles an hour riding on the razor’s edge. The difference between victory or disaster is the blink of an eye. The most dangerous position in this sport is the middle of the pack, and that’s just where the Red Bull Cheever team finds itself late in the season. With only two races left, they’re praying for a win and fighting to save their season. Everyone is feeling the pressure. Especially owner Eddie Cheever. His Red Bull/Cheever racing team is in trouble and he knows it. He’s getting sick of the screw-ups. He’s getting tired of drivers who are too cautious or too careless. And he’s getting an earful from the sponsor. His strategy for the race? Stop the stupid mistakes. But the Toyota 300 won’t turn out to be the victory he hoped for. Even though veteran driver Alex Barron had a chance at the top five, he doesn’t even finish the race. He crashes out, completely demolishing his half-million dollar race car. And rookie driver Ed Carpenter doesn’t do much better. Despite a last minute push to gain spots, he only makes it to 12th place.

Episode 03 – Chevy 500

Race day at the Texas Speedway and Red Bull Cheever Racing has one last chance for victory. It’s also one last chance for the drivers to impress owner Eddie – an opportunity Ed Carpenter completely blows. He wrecks out of the race just four laps in. It’s yet another rookie mistake that seals his fate with the team. But Alex Barron, using a new Chevy engine, amazes his team when he fights his way to fifth place. Cheever almost can’t believe his eyes. They might just win the race. But the moment doesn’t last long. Just as Barron’s car screams around turn four, disaster strikes. His car is flung into the wall and crumples under the extreme impact. When his frantic team can’t raise him on the radio, they fear the worst.