Docudrama – Paranormal
1 x 94 min or 1 x 60 min
Available Worldwide in English, Spanish & French

Andy and Lisa Wyrick are concerned, their four year old daughter Heidi has two imaginary playmates; “Mr. Gordy,” and elderly man who pushes her on the swing, and “Con,” a younger man Heidi describes as “missing an arm and covered with blood.” When Lisa tells a neighbor of Mr. Gordy and Con, she is astonished to learn that the two men once lived in the area, and they’ve both been dead for years.

The Wyricks refuse to believe Heidi’s imaginary friends are the spirits of dead neighbors, until those spirits become dangerous. Now, Heidi sees a faceless apparition that moves silently through the house. When the child wakes up one night with deep gashes on her face, Dr. William Roll, an Oxford-educated parapsychologist, is called in to investigate. Dr. Roll brings in specialized equipment to test the house and property. After a thorough examination, he concludes that Heidi possesses a rare psychic ability that is combining with a strong electromagnetic field to cause hallucinations. But when the rest of Heidi’s family begins experiencing terrifying phenomena…there’s nothing science can do to stop the nightmare.

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