Season 1 Episode 05 – Echoes from the Grave

Ron and Nancy are convinced that their new home is too good to be true: The historic Baltimore house is ideally suited to their budget and accommodating to their large family. Only the seller has doubts that they will be happy here. As they plan their future, he casually says, “I hope you’re good fighters.”

At first, their fight is with the house itself. The electricity is unreliable. Faucets turn on and off for no reason. Objects move by themselves when no one is looking. The family tries to rationalize these strange occurrences, but Nancy perceives a more serious threat. An old woman, in historic clothing, appears to her in a dream… and laughs as the family tries to escape their burning home.

As the haunting grows more intense, the family learns that their house is a way-station between life and death… and they begin to ponder the stories they’ve heard about the previous owner, who nailed all of the windows shut. Was she trying to keep something out? Or was something trying to keep her in?