Season 4 Episode 33 – Spellbound

Faith is a powerful force. It can give strength to the weak. It can calm the rockiest seas. But for most people, faith provides answers that help make sense of a chaotic world.

Sandra Waldron finds the supernatural realm fascinating. But her teenage son, Gene, does not share her enthusiasm. When they learn that their house is haunted, Sandra embarks on a quest to learn more about the paranormal. Although Gene worries about Sandra’s safety, she assures him that there is nothing to fear. Soon, Sandra becomes more engrossed in the occult. Gene wants no part of it-he graduates from high school and joins the military to escape his mother’s new interests. Alone and lost, Sandra finds comfort in the Wicca religion.

Sandra tries to perform Wiccan ceremonies to bring good fortune into her life. But when her lack of knowledge about the art leads her to unwittingly open a paranormal portal, she must battle the evil that has been unleashed.