Docudrama – True Crime
20 x 30 min
Available Worldwide in English & Spanish

From the narrow streets of Nice to the gleaming corridors of Wall Street, Daring Capers tracks some of the world’s most fascinating criminals and their audacious crimes. Here’s a rogue’s gallery of bank robbers, art thieves, and debonair con artists who tried to steal their way to wealth through brilliant ploys and slick transactions.

These are some of the most outlandish and unlawful get-rich-quick schemes ever exposed. Some were even successful. At least so far.

Tunnel under the streets of France with international thief Albert Spaggiari to relieve a bank of it’s assets; escape with $8 million in cash, gems and gold from the Lufthansa Air Cargo terminal at Kennedy Airport; and slip into the world’s finest homes with legendary cat burglar Blane David Nordahl, leaving with only the best pieces of silver. These daring felons have vastly different styles, but each shares a genius for larceny and a brash disrespect for the law.

Through dramatizations, news footage and interviews with witnesses and law enforcement officials, Daring Capers takes you down the moral low road into the enticingly dangerous, devilish world of the criminal.

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