(Docu-drama 23 x 60 minutes)

This scripted reality series features the best doctors and scientists in the world. Each one-hour episode focuses on a mystery and the dedicated team of medical professionals who struggle from crisis to cure.

Episode 14 – Lethal Dosage

A classic case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, Genene Jones killed at least 47 patients with the muscle relaxant succinylcholine while working at Bexar Medical Center in Texas. She loved creating emergencies, the excitement of a “code blue” and especially the reactions of family members when told of the death of a loved one. She wailed endlessly at the death of each patient and insisted on accompanying the body to the morgue. With no reliable testing available for the presence of succinylcholine, Jones continued her killing spree, even in the face of accusations by her co-workers who had estimated that even young children were 25% more likely to die of cardiac arrest while in Jones’ care. Jones is finally stopped in her tracks when an expensive test is developed in Sweden that reliably detects succinylcholine in human tissue samples.