Docudrama – True Crime
13 x 60 min
Available Worldwide in English, French & Spanish

Interpol is a unique player in law enforcement, a voluntary global alliance that traces its roots to 1923 when Vienna’s chief of police gathered his counterparts in 20 countries to share crime tips and expertise.

Today, Interpol is a low profile, high impact organization. The one hundred and eighty-one member countries assist each other voluntarily in international investigations. Run by experienced law enforcement officers from around the world, the men and women of Interpol often work day-to-day in their own country’s police forces. When the need arises, they act on behalf of Interpol and dedicate their efforts to international cooperation in law enforcement. When criminals cross borders, Interpol is there.

Headquartered in a state-of-the art secure facility in Lyon, France, a small army of agents and analysts track the worst criminals to the four corners of the globe. In a world that runs on information, Interpol’s vast databases hold critical intelligence. A license plate number, a stolen passport or a set of fingerprints from across the world can be the link that leads to the criminal. A police officer in a remote rural village collaborates with his urban counterpart thousands of miles apart and achieves justice.

Member countries are not required to share resources. To do its job, Interpol must foster cooperation among countries with different legal and political systems, not to mention different languages and cultures. Complications arise from extradition laws that vary country to country. Some countries, even though they are members of Interpol, choose to harbor criminals for political reasons. In the face of great challenges, Interpol serves as the bridge that keeps the criminal investigation on target.

Interpol Investigates takes viewers inside the complex investigations of the worlds most vital, and least understood law enforcement organization. Using a seamless blend of first person interviews, archival footage and vivid dramatizations, Interpol Investigates will tell the stories of terrible crimes… international cooperation… and world class justice.

Each hour-long episode will explore the global and cross-cultural context of cases that require law enforcement officials to cooperate even when these cultural differences threaten to get in the way. The show takes the viewer deep inside the dark world of kidnappers, murderers, drug traffickers, and human smugglers. Interpol Investigates takes audiences all over the world as agents and police officers battle an expanding threat: global crime.

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