(Docu-drama 7 x 60 min)

In an era of fierce conflict and global chaos, the U.S. Navy SEALs stand ready to answer their nation’s call. Honed and hardened in the flames of combat, they descend from the night sky and rise from the ocean depths to strike their targets with deadly efficiency. Based on first-person accounts, this extraordinary mini-series captures the danger and emotion of seven actual, classified SEAL missions. From the planning stage through preparation to the heart-stopping execution, these superbly trained young warriors face battle savagely – but in secret.

Episode 06 – Bosnia

SEAL Team 6 sneaks into Bosnia packed inside metal cargo containers to capture a brutal Serbian politician indicted for crimes against humanity. But once they seize their quarry, their work is only partially complete–they must navigate through sectors controlled by various cabals and nations and international barricades to reach a secret airfield. There, a plane awaits, ready to take the war criminal to the Hauge to stand trial.