Docudrama – True Crime
121 x 60 min
Available Worldwide in English, Spanish, French, German & Portuguese

The FBI Files takes viewers behind-the-scenes of major crime investigations and enters what until now has been the world’s least accessible crime lab. Each hour-long episode tracks a single case. Agents and scientists recount their forensic detective work and detail the sophisticated field and lab tests they used to build a case for prosecutors.

Produced with the full cooperation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, THE FBI FILES takes a weekly look at how the FBI uses forensic science and the sheer determination of investigators to solve the nation’s most compelling cases.

James Kallstrom, former director in charge of the FBI’s New York field office, introduces each episode. Kallstrom worked on some of the cases spotlighted in the series and led the investigation into the TWA Flight 800 explosion. Dr. Donald Kerr, director of the FBI labs since October 1997, opened the labs to the filmmakers and offered unprecedented access to highlight the Bureau’s successes and help viewers learn how the government works.

Through dramatic reenactments, laboratory analysis and one-on-one interviews with agents and scientists, THE FBI FILES guides viewers through the actual process of an investigation. As the agents gather seemingly unremarkable clues they transform them into hard evidence, the kind of evidence that time and again brings a criminal to justice.

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