Docudrama – True Crime
121 x 60 min
Available Worldwide in English, Spanish & French

A surveyor makes a grisly find in the secluded countryside: Parts of a human skeleton. Forensic experts determine she was a female, and that she had been stabbed. How do they solve a crime where the victim has no name and the only clues are mere fragments of a decayed skeleton?

In Washington D.C., grimly determined investigators gather with forensic psychologists; based on few clues, they must create a personality profile and psychological history of a serial killer on the loose. How close are they likely to come to creating a description that is accurate enough to apprehend the killer?

In Los Angeles, a deadly killer stalks his prey by night. The only clues he leaves behind are bullet fragments and a shoeprint. Can these clues put investigators on the trail of a killer?

The solutions to these mysteries rely on the new science of forensics. Spanning the far-flung realms of anthropology, physiology, chemistry, entomology, psychology and computer technology, forensic scientists are solving today’s crimes. The New Detectives takes an unsensational, absorbing look at how scientists are recreating the circumstances surrounding a person’s death.

From the forensics labs at the Smithsonian Institution to the ATF bomb laboratory and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, The New Detectives profiles the work of world-renowned forensics experts and criminal investigators and the techniques they use to solve murders and other crimes.  The New Detectives was the inspiration for Anthony Zuiker’s drama series “CSI“.

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