Series Details

Category: Docu-drama

  • 13 episodes
  • 60 minutes each

Season 1

Episode 01 – The Disappeared

While shooting pool in a Louisiana bar, Andre Daigle meets a beautiful and mysterious woman. That night he disappears. With no clues to go on, Andre’s family calls in psychic Rosemarie Kerr – whose remarkable visions provide answers to a baffling crime. In New Jersey, a teenage girl vanishes while walking home from school. Witnesses saw her walking near a young man whose alibi is shaky. But police have no evidence and must release the suspect – who then vanishes himself. Psychic Nancy Orlen Weber joins the case and offers uncannily accurate descriptions of the crime, the suspect – and where he’s hiding.

Episode 02 – Shattered Family

New Jersey police working the murder of a woman bludgeoned to death in her own bed first think her boyfriend did it. When a desperate family member contacts renowned psychic Nancy Orlen Weber, Nancy sees the boyfriend is innocent, and gives police details that help undo the real killer’s alibi. New Orleans investigators are stumped when a young mother turns up beaten to death, her son gravely injured. The suspects—the husband and his friend—blame each other, so investigators turn to psychic Rosemarie Kerr. Tapping into the fallen wife’s vibration, Rosemarie discovers a truth more horrifying than anyone imagined.

Episode 03 – Fall of a Serial Killer

In Illinois, a 16-year-old boy goes to speak with a contractor about a summer job. He tells his mother it’ll only take a minute, but no one ever sees him again. Working with psychics Carol Broman and Dorothy Allison, police identify the kidnapper and discover he’s killed many others. When two women are abducted and found stabbed to death outside Morristown, NJ, police believe they have a serial killer on their hands. Local psychic Nancy Orlen Weber works with detectives to try and catch him before he finds his next victim.

Episode 04 – Why My Child?

A young woman finds her Tempe, AZ apartment burglarized and her roommate missing. Police suspect foul play, but quickly exhaust every lead. Desperate for answers, the victim’s father consults psychic Gale St. John, who leads police to the girl’s body – and warns that the killer will strike the roommate next. On a rural road in Louisiana, a motorist discovers the mangled body of a 16-year-old boy. Police first believe it’s a hit and run – but then suspect murder. They call on psychic Rosemarie Kerr to help them find the truth – but the truth is almost too much to bear.

Episode 05 – Mother’s Heartbreak

In Dixon, California, four children wake up one morning to find their mother missing. They turn to their uncle, a seasoned detective, for help. The case quickly dead-ends, but the detective can’t quit until he’s tried every tool in his investigative arsenal – including forensic psychic Sally Headding. A New Jersey mother wins custody of her three children only to have her ex-husband abduct them and flee. With the help of a detective and psychic Nancy Orlen Weber, she tracks them across the country, but the ex-husband is always one step ahead – putting Nancy’s visions to the test.

Episode 06 – Ripped Away

In Oklahoma, an unexpected storm turns a family camping trip into a nightmare, as a flooded creek rips two children from their mother’s arms. With both of their children missing, terrified parents seek the vision of California psychic Dr. Sally Headding. A grisly double murder in New York leaves families stunned and a community terrified. When another body surfaces a month later, police turn to psychic Ann Fisher who predicts that the killer will strike again and again. Can she help police stop this madman before he finds his next victim?

Episode 07 – Circle of Enemies

A young man disappears in the Midwest. As detectives struggle to find leads, a desperate father turns to psychics Nita Lee and Dr. Sally Headding. Both see three men hired for a horrific killing. To help police, Sally takes detectives on a psychic odyssey, retracing the missing man’s last day. A family in Pennsylvania calls the police to check on their reclusive father. Worry turns to grief when officers discover he’s been murdered. Across town, psychic Jan Helen McGee awakens from a frightening dream. But it’s no nightmare – she’s witnessed the murder and now must help police find the killer.

Episode 08 – The Stranger She Knows

A woman vanishes in Oregon, leaving her infant daughter behind. The woman’s husband is behaving suspiciously––but he has an airtight alibi and there is no physical evidence of a crime. The case stalls until detectives begin working with psychic Laurie McQuary, who helps uncover the plot behind the woman’s disappearance. A single California mother disappears after a night out with friends. Her family begins a desperate search to find her and bring her home. When hope turns to despair, a random phone call from psychic Donielle Patton helps police deliver justice.

Episode 09 – Killers In Their Midst

An elderly couple is shot in their upstate New York home – no witnesses, no apparent motive. Detectives struggle to develop suspects, but without evidence to tie their suspects to the killing, their investigation stalls. The case gets a boost when psychic Noreen Renier confirms the investigators’ suspicions, and even leads them to a new clue. Halfway across the country, the sudden disappearance of a young mother shocks a small Ohio town. The woman’s husband – a cop – claims she left him, but her parents and police aren’t so sure. Psychic Georgia Rudolph helps lead police to the truth.

Episode 10 – Lost Youth

A relaxing weekend in the country turns into a nightmare for an Arkansas family when their teen son never shows up. After an exhaustive, days–long search, the young man is still missing. His parents turn to psychic Carol Pate who offers them a vision of hope—if they can find their son in time. Halfway across the country, in California, another beloved son goes missing. Suspecting foul play, his parents contact psychic Rosemarie Kerr. The psychic describes a desperate struggle unlike anything the boy’s parents ever imagined—and tells them their son’s life hangs in the balance.

Episode 11 – Defenseless

In Connecticut, a young woman is brutally murdered in a parking garage. Police struggle to piece together the events of the crime, but eventually run out of leads and suspects. They turn to psychic Mary Downey, who can see the murder – she describes the killer and predicts how he’ll get caught. A nine-year-old boy in California suddenly disappears during a shopping trip. Relatives and officers search the surrounding areas for any signs of the boy, but to no avail. Psychic Kay Rhea thinks she knows the location of the boy – but a second psychic has a very different story.

Episode 12 – Betrayal

In Ohio, police discover a young woman lying near railroad tracks – a railroad spike plunged in her head. She dies a few hours later. Police arrest a man seen with her that night – but another man brags about the killing. Which man is responsible? Psychic Karyol Kirkpatrick helps investigators uncover the truth. In northern California, a young woman never makes it home after visiting loved ones. Authorities find her broken down car and determine she was last seen with a deadly fugitive. Without any clues to her whereabouts, investigators turn to psychic Kathlyn Rhea for guidance.

Episode 13 – Overkill

A man finds his neighbors, an elderly couple, brutally murdered in their California home. With no witnesses or evidence, the case turns cold until a rookie homicide detective risks meeting with psychic Kathlyn Rhea. Together, they discover that blood is not always thicker than water. Across the country, Ohio police investigate what appears to be a brutal beating – the victim is missing and presumed dead. An acquaintance of the missing man quickly becomes the prime suspect. But with no proof, the case hits a dead end. Police turn to trusted psychic Karyol Kirkpatrick and are shocked by what she sees.