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Category: Docu-drama

  • 121 episodes
  • 60 minutes each

Season 1

Episode 01 – Polly Klaas: Kidnapped

On October 1, 1993, a stranger abducted 12-year-old Polly Klaas during a slumber party in her home.  The FBI was immediately called in.  Agents collected fibers from her bedroom and discovered, through the use of laser light sources, a palm print on Polly’s bed, previously invisible to the naked eye.  After a massive two-month investigation, the FBI arrested Richard Allen Davis.  Palm prints and fibers matched and Davis was convicted of abduction and murder.

Episode 02 – Above the Law

California Highway Patrolman George Gwaltney discovered the body of 23-year-old Robin Bishop near her car on a remote desert highway. Although he proclaimed his innocence and was acquitted in two state trials, the FBI was able to convince a third jury that Gwaltney was the killer. With only a gun frame to work with, FBI lab experts were able to link tool marks found on the frame with tools found in Gwaltney’s home. Through the match of hairs and fibers and a unique test for detecting and identifying sperm, Gwaltney was placed at the scene of the crime.

Episode 03 – Human Prey

Thomas Dillon killed five outdoorsmen at random over a period of three years in rural southern Ohio. After a tip led the FBI to the murder weapon, ballistic testing made a match. A mother’s letter published in the newspaper addressing the murderer of her son prompted the killer to respond. A psychological profile was drawn up, leading to another tip. Following a dramatic air and ground surveillance by the FBI, Thomas Dillon was arrested and ultimately convicted.

Episode 04 – Death in Alaska

In Anchorage, Alaska, a young mother and her two daughters were sexually assaulted and brutally murdered. There was only one piece of forensic evidence: a washrag carrying pubic lice that the killer used to clean himself after the crime. Employing an unusual and original method, an FBI expert combed through all the hairs and fibers in the apartment. He was not only able to determine how long each hair had been there, but which hairs came from the killer and how the crime proceeded. The woman’s nephew, Kirby Anthoney, emerged as the suspect. Anthoney was convicted on all three counts.

Episode 05 – Deadly Paradise

Two couples found themselves on the same deserted island paradise. But only one couple left alive. Buck Walker and Stephanie Stearns arrived in Hawaii on the Sea Wind, which belonged to the missing couple, Mac and Muff Graham. Buck and Stephanie were arrested and served time for boat theft. But years later, bones were discovered on the deserted island and identified as the remains of Muff Graham. FBI forensic experts testified as to the nature of the bones, the sex of the victim and the injuries that led to her death. Buck Walker was convicted of murder and Stephanie Stearns acquitted in what became known as one of the FBI’s most complex and high profile cases.

Episode 06 – The Crazy Don

He wandered the streets of New York City wearing only pajamas and a bathrobe, but the FBI was convinced that Vince Gigante, the reputed boss of the Genovese crime family, was anything but crazy. The FBI used undercover surveillance, secret audio tapes, six mobsters turned government informants and the testimony of twelve FBI agents to help convict Gigante of murder and conspiracy-to-murder, including a plot to kill rival mob boss John Gotti.

Episode 07 – Killing Spree

The rapes and murders of ten women near Tampa, Florida in 1984 had the authorities puzzled and the community scared. Since the beginning, the FBI had been analyzing the crime scene evidence and had found a common link: red trilobal carpet fibers. But there was no suspect, until one of the killer’s potential victims survived. Through her interviews and the cooperation of local authorities and the FBI, 31-year-old Bobby Joe Long emerged as the prime suspect. Fibers from his car and those found on the lone survivor matched those at the crime scenes. Long was convicted of eight of the murders and rapes.

Episode 08 – Melissa Brannen: Missing

When five-year-old Melissa Brannen disappeared from a Christmas party in December 1989, the only probable suspect was 24-year-old Caleb Hughes. Hughes reportedly left the party around the time Melissa vanished, but no one saw him with the girl. Fifty blue acrylic fibers collected during a search of Hughes’ car, however, became the major piece of evidence in the case. FBI fiber analysis determined that those fibers were identical to the ones that made up the sweater Melissa was wearing. Although Melissa’s body was never found, the evidence was enough to convict Hughes of abduction with intent to defile.

Episode 09 – The Unabomber

He was a recluse who spread terror through the mail for 18 years. Two men died and more than a dozen were injured, but Ted Kaczynski wasn’t known as the Unabomber until his brother tipped off the FBI. Kaczynski’s “Unabomber Manifesto,” published in major newspapers, set off a flurry of activity for the FBI: writing analysis and comparisons, DNA gleaned from a single postage stamp and finally, Kaczynski’s arrest at his tiny cabin. The agents collected enough evidence, including the “Manifesto” itself, to convict Kaczynski. He is serving four life sentences plus 30 years with no chance of parole.

Episode 10 – Murdering Cowboy

Claude Dallas lived the life of a cowboy. A loner and distrustful of authority, he lived off the land, poaching wildlife and selling the hides. But when two game wardens confronted Dallas about his deeds, they were shot and killed. After a massive manhunt, Dallas was captured and convicted, only to escape months later. Making the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, Dallas eluded the law for almost a year until the FBI tracked him down in a small town in California. Dallas is serving 30 years for murder.

Episode 11 – The World Trade Center Bombing

On February 26, 1993, an explosion rocked the World Trade Center parking garage. Six people died and more than a thousand were injured in the bomb blast that tore a 5-story crater in the building. During the investigation, the twisted fender of a rental van was extracted from the rubble. The FBI was able to determine from where the van was rented and by whom. Undercover agents then made their arrests within six days of the bombing. The FBI labs were essential in linking the chemicals from the bomb to chemicals found in the suspects’ homes and offices. Mohammed Salameh, Nidal Ayyad, Mahmud Abouhalima, Ahmad Ajaj, Ramzi Yousef and Eyad Ismoil were convicted and will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Episode 12 – John Gotti: Convicted

By December 1985, John Gotti had assumed his place as the new Don of the Gambino crime family in New York with the assassination of his boss, Paul Castellano. The “Teflon Don” felt secure in his position, always remaining one step ahead of the law. But he was also the ongoing obsession of Bruce Mouw, leader of an elite crew of FBI agents formed to bring down the Gambino family. With the help and genius of his Special Projects Squad, bugs were planted in Gotti’s most private meeting places. After years of setbacks, Mouw had enough evidence to arrest Gotti for murder. When the FBI convinced Gotti’s underboss, Salvatore Gravano, to testify against him, the jury came back with their verdict: guilty on all counts, including the murder of Castellano. Gotti was sentenced to life without parole.

Episode 13 – The True Story of Mississippi Burning

On June 21, 1964, three civil rights workers, two white and one black disappeared in Mississippi while passing through Neshoba County. A massive FBI investigation led to the recovery of the bodies of the slain men and physical evidence was recovered and analyzed. The FBI labs confirmed that all but one of the bullets used to kill the men came from the same gun. The FBI gained the trust of an informant, whose information led to the conviction of seven local Ku Klux Klan members.

Season 2

Episode 14 – A Model Killer

In 1984, south Miami became the home for a sadistic serial killer. Posing as a fashion photographer, Christopher Wilder lured young women from shopping malls with promises of fame and fortune. Most ended up dead. As the FBI closed in around him, Wilder took off on a cross-country murderous rampage. The FBI added Wilder to their Most Wanted Fugitives program. The chase was on, and Wilder ultimately lost. What stopped the serial killer was not brilliant or sophisticated police work, but national publicity that the FBI created.

Episode 15 – Hired Gun

Larry Horn nearly got away with the perfect crime: a multiple murder-for-hire plot that was meticulously planned and executed. Horn’s former wife, their 8-year-old son, and a live-in nurse were all brutally murdered by an assassin. In the absence of any significant clues, police in Maryland contacted the FBI to assist in the investigation. With their resources and highly skilled, imaginative and determined agents, the FBI was able to uncover and expose a complex and far reaching conspiracy to commit murder for monetary gain.

Episode 16 – Cat and Mouse

A cunning predator was loose in rural South Carolina—abducting young women from their own front yards in broad daylight. He was also a sadist, calling one victim’s family, taunting them, boosting and then dashing their hopes. Local investigators called on the FBI to help them find this clever serial killer. Like a game of chess, FBI profilers and forensic examiners were able to outwit the killer, and put an end to his deadly game of cat and mouse.

Episode 17 – Cracking the Cartel

When a young boy and his mother were kidnapped and murdered by a vicious drug cartel, FBI agents in the field worked tirelessly to pierce the secretive drug underworld and unearth those involved. Their surveillance and investigative work uncovered a violent trail of murder and greed. FBI agents and forensic examiners pieced together the evidence needed to draw out and then crush the cartel.

Episode 18 – A Stranger in Town

Local law enforcement became stumped when the body of an unidentified young woman turned up on a highway in their small Pennsylvania town. They turned to the FBI labs. The hi-tech lab enabled investigators and agents to identify the victim. Knowing who she was allowed agents to reconstruct her every move. Though the road to finding her killer was twisted and long, agents persisted. They finally came face to face with the young woman’s killer, a man they determined was responsible for several other murders.

Episode 19 – Hunter’s Game

A serial killer’s rampage was discovered when the bodies of several young women began turning up in shallow graves that dotted the Alaskan wilderness. The killer taunted his victims, hunting them like animals before shooting them down. He was at home in the rugged terrain. But the hunt for him began 3000 miles away, where FBI profilers mapped the criminal’s mind.

Episode 20 – The Dixie Mafia

On Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, a judge and his politician wife were brutally murdered in their home. The killer left few clues and the investigation led nowhere. But the FBI was patiently waiting in the wings. Once it was determined that federal laws had been violated, they pounced on the investigation. They uncovered a corrupt local government and a group of violent criminal conspirators known as the Dixie Mafia, responsible for fraud, money laundering and murder.

Episode 21 – Shattered Shield

Corruption in the New Orleans Police Department grew like a cancer in the early 1990’s. Lured by the easy wealth of the narcotics industry, crooked cops began breaking the laws they were sworn to uphold. They would stop at nothing, including murder, to protect their rackets. When it became clear they could no longer police themselves, the FBI got involved. Putting their lives on the line, undercover agents devised a way to flush out the violent cops and restore trust in the city’s police force.

Episode 22 – Blood Brothers

Residents of the small town of Noel, Missouri were shocked when one of their banks was robbed. When the bank president was nowhere to be found, the residents were outraged. The FBI discovered that things are not always as they appear. Minute clues led the agents to the body of the bank president. With no suspects, the FBI relied on dogged determination and modern forensics. Agents slowly pieced together tiny shreds of evidence. The result was a net strong enough to convict two brothers of a bank robbery and a horrific murder.

Episode 23 – Crime Spree

From May until July of 1984, Alton Coleman and his common law wife, Denise Brown, engaged in a gruesome crime spree that spanned six states and left eight people dead including children. The FBI coordinated law enforcement efforts throughout the entire country in order to track the couple. Their expertise in conducting manhunts for the nation’s most horrible killers paid off. The couple was located and apprehended as they prepared to kill again.

Episode 24 – Family Secrets

A young mother and her infant son mysteriously disappeared from their home. The woman’s husband was the only suspect, but he was eventually cleared. There was no solid evidence that a crime had even been committed. Six months later, a local farmer found the remains of the missing woman and her child. Both had been murdered. Agents and local police had only one tiny piece of evidence, an unidentified hair found in the murdered woman’s car. The hair was too small for analysis. FBI lab examiners developed a new DNA technique and finally ended the mystery. The husband’s jealous ex-girlfriend had senselessly murdered the woman and her son.

Episode 25 – Master Plan

In 1980, the FBI began a massive undercover operation, code named “Safebet,” that was designed to expose the Chicago Mafia’s infiltration into the city’s surrounding suburbs. Undercover agents quickly discovered that the mob had its tentacles spread into every facet of the law enforcement community. Agents refocused and sought to expose the corrupt politicians and police. They unwittingly uncovered the murder of a wealthy socialite perpetrated by a jealous and greedy mob lawyer and covered up by the local police chief. The conspiracy gave the FBI the leverage they needed to break up the mob’s stranglehold in the suburbs.

Episode 26 – Firefight

After a series of brutal bank robberies and murders in south Miami during the mid-1980’s, the FBI embarked on an exhaustive eight-month investigation. With little evidence and no suspects, agents were willing to try anything to find the violent perpetrators. On April 11, 1986, agents conducting routine surveillance spotted the vehicle used in the bank robberies. They attempted to arrest the two suspects in the car. What followed was the bloodiest firefight in FBI history. After the five-minute battle, two agents and the two suspects lay dead; five other agents were seriously wounded.

Episode 27 – Killer Abroad

Beginning in summer of 1990, the bodies of several women began turning up in and around the city of Vienna, Austria. From an extensive investigation by the Viennese police, it was determined that these murders were the work of one sadistic predator. Europe was dealing with a serial killer. With no experience with this kind of predator, Viennese police turned to the FBI. FBI profilers were able to identify a suspect in the murders. More ominously, they linked this same killer to murders committed in the United States. An international manhunt was underway. The killer, Jack Unterweger, a celebrated writer in his native Germany was tracked down and arrested in Miami, Florida.

Episode 28 – Moving Target

On August 20, 1980, an unseen sniper murdered two young black men as they jogged with two white women in Salt Lake City, Utah. Police threw all their resources into finding a killer who left almost no clues behind. They met with FBI agents and detectives from around the country who had similar racially motivated sniper slayings. A month later, working off little more than a possible license plate number, police in Kentucky arrested Joseph Paul Franklin but the man escaped from custody. The FBI placed Franklin on their Ten Most Wanted list, and an intense manhunt began. The white supremacist killer, responsible for as many as 20 murders, was arrested two months later by FBI agents in Tampa, Florida.

Episode 29 – Deadly Mission

Chevie and Cheyne Kehoe gained national attention after a videotaped shoot-out with state and local officers in Wilmington, Ohio on February 15, 1997. The officers were unharmed, but the brothers escaped and fled the state. The FBI tracked the two armed men, learning that Chevie and an associate, Daniel Lee, were suspects in a 1996 triple murder in Arkansas. The men were part of a white supremacist group intent on founding a whites-only sovereign state in America, and had been linked to crimes from armed robbery to kidnapping. Four months after the shoot-out, FBI agents arrested the brothers, who had been hiding in Utah while continuing to build an arsenal.

Episode 30 – Cop Killer

By April of 1995 in Washington, D.C., two officers had been shot and one had been murdered. Each had been sitting in their patrol cars when a man sneaked up and opened fire. The FBI was brought in to help catch the cop killer. Agents identified the man who was most likely the killer, but he was nowhere to be found. Months of surveillance operations around the country finally yielded a break; they found their suspect in Baltimore, MD. A task force assembled to make the arrest. Unfortunately, the killer was one step ahead. He found an unsuspecting agent and gunned him down as he sat in his vehicle waiting to make an arrest. A violent gun battle began. The assassin’s reign was ended with an FBI bullet.

Episode 31 – .22 Caliber Killer

Racial tensions in Buffalo in 1980 were at an all-time high. Six black males had been brutally murdered–two had their hearts cut out. The only thing connecting the victims was their ethnicity and the fact that each had been shot with .22 caliber bullets. Residents screamed for the police to stop this serial killer. With no suspects, local investigators turned to the FBI. Profilers were able to produce a psychological composite of the type of person the killer would most likely be. Their analysis paid off. Using the profile, agents determined a seemingly unrelated event in Georgia was also the work of the .22 caliber killer. The profile matched the suspect on every point. It was enough to put the killer away for life.

Season 3

Episode 32 – Driven to Kill

On February 3, 1990, a 14-year-old girl ran away from her mother’s home and disappeared without a trace. Her mother hoped Pasadena, Texas police could find her before it was too late. Six months later, their worst fear was realized when a farmer discovered the young girl’s remains in an Illinois barn. The FBI was called in to help. Agents tracked down a trucker who they believed was responsible for 50 more deaths. Investigators knew they had to stop this menace of the highways.

Episode 33 – Deadly Obsession

When a Delaware woman vanished in 1996, family and friends discovered her secret life. The appointments secretary to the Governor had carried on an illicit affair with a wealthy married man. Agents suspected that her powerful ex-lover was responsible, but they had little physical evidence to support their theory. Investigators never found the woman’s body or the murder weapon. The FBI’s only hope was to go undercover, and turn brother against brother.

Episode 34 – First and Kennedy Street Crew

In the early ‘90s, Washington, D.C. police were losing the battle against street gangs who enforced their territories with lethal violence. The homicide rate in the nation’s capital climbed to the highest in the country. Local police turned to the FBI for help, but agents soon found themselves in the direct line of fire. In the fall of 1994, a gang member walked into police headquarters, killed two FBI agents and one detective, then turned the gun on himself. Authorities vowed to bring the entire gang to justice, but discovered that the leader had fled to Africa. Agents were uncertain if they could find the fugitive and bring him in.

Episode 35 – Terror in Disguise

In June of 1992, masked bandits pulled off a daring mid-day bank robbery. It marked the beginning of a four-year crime wave that rocked Seattle. With each new robbery, the bandits perfected their craft, leaving behind no evidence and escaping with hundreds and thousands of dollars. As the robbers became increasingly violent, pressure mounted to end their reign. With few leads, the FBI forced their own luck. The effort put them face to face with an armed and desperate fugitive.

Episode 36 – Deadly Trail

When police in a small Washington State community began looking into the disappearance of a 22-year-old woman, they had no way of knowing it would evolve into a nationwide hunt for a sexual sadist. Police knew the killer’s identity, but he was a master of disguise. The FBI was called on to help. Agents discovered that several unsuspecting women across the northwest had fallen prey to his charms. As the number of abductions escalated, a massive media campaign became the FBI’s best chance of flushing out the serial killer, and putting an end to his violent rampage.

Episode 37 – The Predator

A stranger snatched an eight-year-old girl as she played in her Tucson, Arizona neighborhood, leaving behind an abandoned bicycle and a frantic mother. Hundreds of citizens and police officers fanned out across the region, hoping to find some trace of the young girl or her abductor. Within hours, a suspect emerged; a drifter who was out on parole for abducting and molesting children. He was nowhere to be found and time had run out for the innocent child. It would fall on the FBI to quickly track down this predator before he could destroy another family.

Episode 38 – Dishonored

On a chilly afternoon in 1989, Marine Captain Shirley Russell disappeared from Quantico, Virginia. Captain Russell was a dedicated officer; her friends and colleagues were certain she had not gone AWOL. FBI agents found her husband, a former Marine, was acting strangely, and a blood-like stain on the couple’s floor disappeared before agents could examine it. There was no body, no witness and no weapon. Yet the FBI’s intense investigation revealed a violent past and a step-by-step plan to murder. Agents hoped it would be enough to bring Captain Russell’s killer to justice.

Episode 39 – Millionaire Murder

In February of 1996, New Jersey millionaire Frank Black flew to Florida to close a major business deal before retiring. He never came home. Authorities in New Jersey sensed foul play and brought in the FBI. Agents learned of a mystery woman in Florida who was to meet Black. Phone records showed a flood of calls to Black from his business rival just before the disappearance. The FBI would have to piece together a puzzle of scant physical evidence, wiretaps and innuendo to untangle a web of deceit that led to a vengeance killing.

Episode 40 – Deadly Business

In 1997, FBI agents began investigating New York gas station mogul Gurmeet Dhinsa for gas pump rigging. They soon realized that Dhinsa was more than a crooked businessman, he enforced his mob-like operation with brutal violence, kidnapping and killing errant employees and any family members who questioned their deaths. FBI agents worked their way into Dhinsa’s violent world. When a cooperating witness was gunned down in the street, agents knew time had run out. They had to get Dhinsa and dismantle his crew before others paid with their lives.

Episode 41 – Temple of Fear

In the early 1980s, the decapitation of a young African-American male led the Miami-Dade police department and the FBI along a trail of murder. Investigators quickly discovered that the victim was a dissident member of a religious sect headed by a man calling himself Yahweh ben Yahweh, or God, Son of God. Although the FBI believed Yahweh ben Yahweh and his followers were responsible for many murders, they could find no direct evidence linking them to the crimes. Agents knew they had but one recourse: to convince one of the cult leader’s fanatical followers to betray a man he considered a god.

Episode 42 – Silent Strike

In November of 1994, when a Wells Fargo armored van disappeared from a Glendale, Arizona mall, local authorities and the FBI scrambled to recover it, and its cargo of nearly a million dollars. Six hours later, agents found the van, its driver shot dead inside and the money gone. It was a perfect hit by professionals who left no clue behind. Months passed before a solid lead developed. In January, a tip led agents to look into a former prison guard. Surveillance uncovered two other suspects, a bounty hunter and a former Phoenix policeman. The FBI would have its hands full trying to track and build a case against killers whose law enforcement training had made them clever criminals.

Episode 43 – Deadly Stranger

Beginning in California in 1995, a serial killer targeted vulnerable women. At first charming and generous, he quickly became violent. He was brutal with his kills and quick in his getaways. Traveling across the country, he struck in Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. The FBI and local police needed to stop this cross-country killer before more women fell victim to his insatiable rage.

Episode 44 – Backstage Murder

In 1987, a successful television producer was gunned down in his New York office. It looked like a professional hit. With no leads, the investigation stalled. Four years later and a continent away, a man told Los Angeles police he had been hired to murder two exotic dancers. Investigators linked the two crimes and uncovered a businessman willing to kill to protect his interests. The FBI would create an elaborate sting operation to try and stop the murderous actions of an entertainment industry giant.

Episode 45 – Under Fire

A 1981 armored car robbery near New York City left one guard dead and another critically wounded. Police stopped suspects nearby and another shoot-out ensued, claiming the lives of two officers. Local police and the FBI suspected a large group of domestic terrorists with a history of violent crime. They would try to ferret out these heavily armed criminals who moved in a shadowy underworld and were not afraid to kill authorities.

Episode 46 – Manhunt

When a California man was found dismembered in 1990, police suspected a local burglar, but they couldn’t find him. Six months later, he was caught robbing an Arizona bank and sentenced to life. But prison couldn’t hold him for long, and within a year he escaped. The FBI would lead a multi-agency manhunt for a killer on a desperate run through the tourist regions of the west.

Episode 47 – Hunter’s Target

At first it seemed like a tragic hunting accident when 18-year-old David Wilkey was shot to death in rural Virginia in 1983. A tenacious insurance investigator suspected foul play, but he had no direct evidence. Two years later, a man contacted North Carolina FBI agents with a complex story of conspiracy and murder-for-hire: he claimed he had been hired to murder Wilkey’s killer. The FBI needed to develop cooperating witnesses and wire informants to stop a man willing to kill his friends for profit.

Episode 48 – No Remorse

On a summer night in 1990, a body was discovered burning in a Minnesota alley. Weeks later, police finally identified the victim, a suspected drug courier from California. The FBI began working with local police and slowly uncovered a multi-state crime ring run by a deadly drug lord who used violence and intimidation to keep those around him silent. Agents needed to infiltrate and dismantle the crew before more people died.

Episode 49 – The C-11 Squad

In the early 1990’s drug gangs terrorized Harlem, New York neighborhoods. When a 10-year-old boy fell victim in the crossfire, NYPD detectives and FBI agents clamped down on the problem. They formed a task force called C-11, designed to dismantle the gangs. In an environment of violence and fear it would be difficult to identify, arrest and convict those involved in the secretive and deadly world of big money drugs.

Season 4

Episode 50 – The Search for Lisa Renee

In 1994, a teenage immigrant came to the United States to realize her dream of becoming a doctor. But a tragic twist of fate intervened, when she found herself an innocent victim of the drug trade. Kidnapped and held captive, she survived for days against all odds. Authorities arrested her captors, but they refused to reveal her whereabouts. The FBI and local police raced against time, determined to save the teenager’s life. Their investigation revealed a complex story of drugs, betrayal and revenge.

Episode 51 – Hidden Agenda

In the mid-1990’s, a gang of professional bank robbers raided cities across seven states. Disguises and speed protected their identity from cameras and the police as they stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, always leaving a bomb to terrorize their victims. The stakes were raised when the FBI discovered the robbers had an agenda beyond their personal wealth. To stop these extremists and their growing operation, the FBI needed to capture their leaders.

Episode 52 – Small Town Terror

A Labor Day weekend turned into a nightmare of murder as a cross-country crime spree terrorized the nation. In a small Ohio community, an elderly woman and a teenage boy disappeared within hours of each other. Police believed the cases were linked, but didn’t know how. They contacted the FBI for help. A trail of stolen vehicles and murder victims across seven states led agents on a hunt for two suspected killers. Their only hope of stopping them was to anticipate the killers’ next move.

Episode 53 – A Family Torn

A day that began with a class field trip ended with a parent’s worst nightmare. An 11-year-old girl was missing. Her parents were certain she was no runaway. When they failed to find her in their quiet Illinois neighborhood, they called the police. The FBI soon joined the investigation and family and friends worked with detectives and agents in an urgent search for the missing girl. Faced with conflicting witness reports and false leads, agents wouldn’t stop until they found the girl, and the truth.

Episode 54 – Vanished

In the summer of 1988, a wealthy Jackson, Mississippi woman disappeared from her home in broad daylight. Left behind was a mysterious ransom note listing twelve names and no specific instructions. The note, and a few drops of blood were the only clues to her fate. FBI and local police struggled to find answers in the cryptic message so they could find the kidnapper and retrieve the victim before her time ran out. Solving the crime required the keen insight of a criminal profiler and the perseverance of a family, local authorities, and the FBI.

Episode 55 – Deadly Heist

In Arizona, a shipment of money vanished into the high desert, along with the two men hired to guard it. The FBI didn’t know if the guards were participants or victims of an ambush. Answers lay somewhere in the thousands of square miles of Arizona’s northwest territory. When the vehicle was recovered with three hundred thousand dollars and the drivers missing, suspicions that the crime was an inside job grew. FBI agents struggled to piece together scattered clues to reveal the truth about what happened to the missing men and the location of the missing money.

Episode 56 – Unlawful Flight

In Alabama, a pair of convicted felons escaped the custody of a local deputy and fled across the country. Eluding authorities, they moved from state to state in a wave of abduction and car theft. When a foreign military officer disappeared along their trail, police and FBI agents wondered if the armed fugitives had become killers. Agents believed the pair were growing more violent and raced to find the escapees before more victims crossed their path.

Episode 57 – Deadly Secrets

In 1992, a young mother was gunned down in front of her children. Police searched for answers, but found none. The horrible crime appeared unmotivated, senseless, and random. Then, family members offered a startling clue. The victim, the wife of a prominent Atlanta attorney, was also a woman burdened with a secret; a secret the FBI believed led to her death. It would force local and federal agents to untangle an intricate web of money, drugs and murder.

Episode 58 – Death in the Delta

In Memphis, Tennessee, a horrible crime terrified local residents. When a wealthy young mother was abducted in front of her in-laws’ home, the police had no shortage of suspects. The twenty-five year old victim left behind a tumultuous marriage, an ex-husband, and several spurned boyfriends. All were on the FBI’s short list. To find the woman and her abductor, investigators would have to first determine the motive. Agents and police were forced to consider whether this was a random act of violence, or a crime of deliberate calculation.

Episode 59 – Lost Boys

In 1997, a series of crimes in a small Iowa farming community left residents reeling in shock and fear. Two young men went on a crime spree of robbery, kidnapping and murder, and then disappeared. By the time they were identified, they already had a twelve-hour lead. As the hunt for the two men expanded, the FBI committed its resources to tracking down the suspects. The pursuit would take agents across six states to catch the killers before they struck again.

Episode 60 – Deadly Threat

In the late 80’s, Florida’s cocaine imports were among the highest in the nation. Regional territories were enforced with intimidation and murder. Desperate to stop the violence, local authorities turned to the FBI for help. One dealer bowed to no one. He would stop at nothing to keep detectives and agents from building a case against him. When his organization began targeting the government itself, a city went on high alert. Bringing him down would take the combined efforts of the police, the DEA, and the FBI.

Episode 61 – Evil Intent

In Kokomo, Indiana an unthinkable crime terrified residents. A young woman was snatched from her home on a bright spring morning. Drops of blood and a torn window screen were all that was left to tell authorities what happened to the twenty-one year old victim. After several days of searching, a former FBI profiler narrowed the suspect list to one. Agents and detectives followed the trail across state lines hoping to find the victim before her time ran out.

Episode 62 – The Coffee Shop Murders

In July 1997, a triple murder terrified residents in the nation’s capital. In a Georgetown coffee shop, three employees were shot to death. Investigators could find no immediate suspects and no clear motive for the attack. Evidence at the crime scene pointed in many different directions. Was this a hate crime, a robbery gone wrong, or an act of cold-blooded vengeance against one of the victims? Metro D.C. police turned to the FBI for help. They hoped the Bureau’s technical expertise could bring justice for the victims of the triple homicide.

Episode 63 – Without Remorse

In 1986, a small crime free Indiana town was turned inside out by the arrival of one dangerous stranger. After an officer was gunned down at point-blank range, the psychotic killer led investigators across the Midwest. No one knew where the gunman would strike next, even as his tally of murders and abductions grew. The FBI and state police raced against time to rescue America’s heartland from this deranged gunman, before he killed again.

Episode 64 – Global Pursuit

In Langley, Virginia, a gunman fired into rush hour traffic. The brazen daytime shooting of employees from the Central Intelligence Agency stunned the country. The victims seemed randomly selected, but the motive appeared to be political. The FBI was called in, but the nationwide search quickly became a far-reaching international manhunt. Agents processed more than 2000 leads and crossed an ocean in the effort to deliver justice.

Episode 65 – Betrayed

On the day before Thanksgiving, a mother discovered her 10 year-old son was missing from his school. No one knew how it could have happened. Within hours, the boy’s entire family was frantically searching for him. The few leads in the case quickly turned cold and the FBI was called in to aid in the investigation. The search by agents and local authorities would cover a thousand miles to expose the kidnapper and find the missing child.

Episode 66 – When Seconds Count

On a summer afternoon in upscale Lodi, California, a 12-year-old girl is abducted from her home. Scores of police officers and FBI agents converge, determined to find the young girl before it is too late. When the kidnapper’s car is discovered in a field near Lodi, police dogs, helicopters, and hundreds of volunteers are employed in a round-the-clock search. It would take a community united in concern for one of their youngest to find the missing child.

Episode 67 – Held for Ransom

In rural Texas, 13-year-old is kidnapped on her way to school. Frantic to find her safely, her millionaire father calls local authorities and the FBI. As police officers and agents conduct aerial surveillance, the father drives hundreds of miles through the night to deliver the ransom cash to a drop that the kidnappers keep changing. In a final effort to save the young girl, investigators must engage in a dangerous firefight with five desperate criminals.

Season 5

Episode 68 – Price of Greed

In September 1997, a team of masked gunmen robbed an armored car facility in Los Angeles, and made off with $18.9 million, the largest takeover heist in U.S. history. An employee believed she recognized the voice of one of the robbers, and FBI agents began conducting surveillance on a former employee of the facility. With only one piece of physical evidence, a fragment of a vehicle taillight, authorities hoped to connect him to the crime, and locate his accomplices.

Episode 69 – Caught in the Act

In July 1996, two men entered a pawnshop in Birmingham, Alabama, and ruthlessly murdered the employees. Unbeknownst to the killers, a secret video surveillance camera recorded the shooting. Local police and the FBI released images of the crime to the media, and were quickly able to identify the perpetrators. Now authorities had to find two cold-blooded killers who knew that they were being pursued for murder one.

Episode 70 – In Pursuit

In Lincoln County, Nebraska, a fugitive drug dealer engaged in a shootout with state troopers, wounding two of them, and eluded capture after a high-speed chase. Authorities immediately set up a statewide manhunt, connecting the fugitive to a murder in western Nebraska. A chance sighting led FBI agents to a second confrontation with the killer, who was more determined than ever to escape the law.

Episode 71 – High Stakes

After a career criminal committed a vehicular homicide in New Orleans, FBI agents tracked him through his habits and addictions. They focused their investigation on gambling communities throughout the country and, when he resurfaced in Atlantic City, authorities used all of their resources to trap an elusive sociopath who claimed that he would never be taken alive.

Episode 72 – Home Invaders

In the early 1980’s, a pair of serial bank robbers gained a reputation among law enforcement officials as formidable bandits. Using the same modus operandi, the two men took hostages and emptied bank vaults across the Midwest. After the criminals escaped from police custody, FBI agents familiar with the bandits believed that they would attempt a grand-scale heist. By conducting surveillance on known associates of the criminals, authorities tried to anticipate the next target.

Episode 73 – Tracks of a Killer

In the summer of 1999, Texas was terrorized by a brutal serial killer who traveled by train. The FBI assembled a task force to gather information about the dangerous drifter and create a profile that would help locate him. As they learned that the killer had traveled extensively through the United States and Mexico, the murders became more frequent, and authorities had to cast a dragnet over an entire continent in an effort to catch him.

Episode 74 – Lawless

On October 2, 1987, a Boston police officer responding to a domestic disturbance call was fatally wounded. Local authorities launched a citywide manhunt, but were only able to find the fingerprints of the chief suspect. Believing that he had fled the area, the FBI followed the suspect’s trail to the west coast and then across the Mexican border, always aware of the desperation of a cop killer and of the need for justice.

Episode 75 – Cruel Revenge

In August 1984, the son of a successful real estate developer was kidnapped in front of his father’s business in Miami. After the father received a $3 million ransom demand from a self-proclaimed terrorist, the FBI became involved. Based on witness descriptions of the car used in the kidnapping, authorities began to suspect a pair of Colombian nationals with a known grudge against the developer’s family. The FBI had to investigate without revealing their suspicions, at the risk of encouraging a kidnapper’s threats.

Episode 76 – Held Hostage

In October 1995, a South Carolina family was taken hostage as part of an elaborately planned bank robbery. Local police quickly identified two of the perpetrators, but the criminal mastermind proved more elusive. After his escape from custody, authorities began to suspect the fugitive of involvement in a series of bank robberies up and down the east coast, and the FBI remained on his trail, hoping to catch him before he took more hostages.

Episode 77 – The Initiation

In February 1988, a record store clerk in Sandusky, Ohio, was fatally shot in his van. After discovering a night deposit bag with thousands of dollars in the vehicle, police knew that robbery was not the motive, and began to investigate other possibilities. FBI agents learned that several motorcycle gang members had been stopped nearby on a traffic violation shortly after the murder and theorized that the clerk’s murder may have been a botched hit carried out by a gang member. To locate the murderer, agents had to learn more about the secretive group.

Episode 78 – Dark Woods

In June 1973, a young girl was abducted from a state park on the Missouri River while camping with her family. Several months passed with no leads, then an FBI agent took a particular interest in the case. Using a new technique known as criminal profiling, he predicted that the kidnapper would contact the girl’s family on the one-year anniversary of her abduction. When this prediction came true, the FBI agent noted behavioral clues, hoping that they could lead him to the kidnapper.

Episode 79 – Domestic Terror

In 1996, a group of political extremists twice robbed a bank in Spokane, Washington, using homemade bombs and military precision to escape. The FBI learned that the robbers, part of a shadowy organization called the Phineas Priesthood, might be preparing for a small-scale war with law enforcement. After the suspects were identified, the FBI was faced with the task of safely arresting a group of terrorists with a deadly agenda.

Episode 80 – Fatal Friendship

In August 1992, a man returned to his Memphis home and discovered that his wife was missing. The husband, as well as his friends, family and neighbors began to receive ransom calls. FBI agents noticed that one neighbor seemed to have the best rapport with the kidnapper. They began to question his level of involvement, but had to proceed carefully, knowing that he could be their only link to the missing woman.

Episode 81 – Death Pact

In 1990 and 1991, Chicago police and the FBI were on the trail of a bank robber whose holdups were becoming increasingly violent. The criminal consistently used stolen Japanese cars to carry out the robberies, so authorities hoped to identify him by tracking vehicle thefts. When they finally located the man known as the “bearded bandit,” they learned that he did not work alone and he had made a pact never to surrender.

Episode 82 – Broken Trust

In 1988, new light was shed on the mysterious death of a South Carolina farmer when a criminal confessed that two prominent community members hired him to commit murder. Local police and FBI agents arrested a wealthy businessman and later learned that, even behind bars, he commanded the power to corrupt and kill. Using prison informants, agents had to prevent him from murdering again.

Episode 83 – Criminal Enterprise

In October 1993, a robber surprised unsuspecting customers by dropping through the roof of a California bank. When police arrived, he escaped from the roof in a hail of bullets. A tip from a local resident led police and FBI agents to the perpetrator. They would soon learn that he had masterminded a local kidnapping, and held the fate of an innocent woman in his hands.

Episode 84 – Fateful Crossing

In January 1984, a U.S. Customs official disappears from his post near the Del Rio, Texas border crossing, prompting local police to search for four Latin American suspects driving a Pontiac Grand Prix. The following day, the Customs official was found dead. Two state troopers recovered the missing officer’s service revolver after a fatal altercation with two men. Local police and the FBI continued searching for the suspect vehicle, prepared for a confrontation with desperate criminals.

Episode 85 – Deadly Influence

Amid the cocaine wars of early 1980’s Miami, three dead bodies led a multi-agency tactical squad to suspect that a group of cops might be involved in illegal drug busts. Investigating rumors of corruption, the squad uncovered a ring of patrolmen who were making millions by ripping off smuggled cocaine. The investigators set out to prove that even with the advantages wealth and the protection of a police badge, nobody is above the law.

Season 6

Episode 86 – Without Mercy

At 9:30 am on the morning of January 30, 1997, Richmond, VA police respond to a report of shots fired at a local bank. Two masked men brandishing automatic weapons confront, and open fire on officers responding to the call. The gunmen exit the bank, and retreat on foot, eventually eluding the officers. The FBI soon responds, only to find one bank teller dead, another wounded, and the bank’s security guard shot four times, yet still alive. Forensics teams and investigators collect evidence in and around the bank, as well as attempt to piece together the crime from surveillance videos, as customers inside the bank were unable to provide information. Once the gunmen had been identified, authorities, aided by SWAT, must apprehend the criminals before they struck again.

Episode 87 – Dead Run

A man is found suffocated in his Pennsylvania home, his checkbook, credit cards and vehicle appear to have been stolen. Fingerprints from the victim identify a recent escapee from a minimum-security prison, as well as his girlfriend. Investigators flag the dead man’s credit cards, and are alerted when one is used in North Dakota. The FBI is called in and joins another task force already assembled because of a suspected kidnapping. Authorities track the stolen card users to several locations in western states, and eventually dangerously close to the Mexican border. A chase to stop the felons from getting across the border ensues, ending with the two killers in custody.

Episode 88 – Brutal Abduction

In Wisconsin, a varsity athlete is blindfolded, gagged, and shoved into a van by four gunmen. The kidnappers contact the victim’s family and demand $30,000, but offer no instructions on how to transfer the money. The victim’s family contacts the police. The boy’s captors tell his family they have shot him, and will kill him if they do not receive their money. At an agreed upon drop site, FBI agents approach the captor’s vehicle, only to watch them flee and quickly be followed by authorities. The gang dumps the boy’s body in a used car lot just before they are arrested. Unfortunately for the victim who did not survive the ordeal, he had been targeted by mistake by a group who owed drug debts, and thought the athlete was involved in the same illegal activities.

Episode 89 – Radical Agenda

A New Jersey State Trooper is shot to death on the side of Interstate 80 near the Pennsylvania border. Witnesses to the shooting identify the shooter’s car. Police issue an APB, and locate the vehicle hours later. Fingerprinting of the vehicle points to a fugitive wanted on bank robbery charges. Authorities who inspect the fugitive’s home find some incriminating evidence including a box of bullets linked to the Trooper’s murder. Analyses of the bullets lead authorities to an associate of the killer, also linked to the death of the New Jersey State Trooper. Over the next two years, the two men, who are associated with a leftist organization known as the United Freedom Front, are reeled in through their activities with this organization.

Episode 90 – The Killing Zone

In 1991, the Safe Streets Task Force, a joint FBI / Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department organization, begins conducting an investigation into the violent activities of a local gang called the “K Street Crew.” Gang members are suspected of involvement in several area homicides. The FBI approaches several witnesses, hoping to convince them to testify against the gang members. Seven potential witnesses are murdered during the course of the investigation. In 1996, a witness who returns to the neighborhood to attend a party is killed just a week before she is to testify against the gang. The FBI must work diligently in order to build a homicide case against a gang that not only has the community so fearful that they remain silent, but also tracks down anyone who does help authorities and has them killed.

Episode 91 – Deadly Takeover

In June of 2000, two gunmen rob a Seattle, WA bank, and flee on foot as officers chase them. One of the gunmen is killed in a firefight with police, the other escapes after assaulting a family and using their home to hide. The family helps FBI agents identify the man, who is suspected of several other robberies. Seattle SWAT teams, working with the FBI, search the home of the assailant’s mother, and find ammunition matching that used at the bank robbery. Agents seize a number of documents from the man that not only implicate him in an international fencing ring, but also provide agents with Internet records, leading them to believe that despite his mother’s home in Montego Bay, the man is most likely still in Seattle. After 7 long months of hiding, the man surrenders to the FBI, and is sentenced to 23 years for assault and robbery.

Episode 92 – The Perfect Heist

A California bank manager panics and calls in the FBI after the door to his vault refuses to open. Upon inspection, the vault has been blasted into from the ceiling, and over $2 million in valuables is gone. When agents find no clues as to the robbers or their whereabouts in California, they send details of the crime to other FBI field offices. It is not long before agents in Ohio are investigating a bank vault robbery that is strikingly similar to the California heist. Agents determine that several men are responsible for the vault break-ins, and are able to locate one of the men’s friends, and attempt to use him as bait to reel in the crooks. The man leads investigators to the criminal’s vehicle, where they find equipment and weapons used in the vault break-ins. The man also leads them to the former home of one of the criminals, where agents uncover fingerprints, and can link the man to the bank robberies. Agents would eventually track down and arrest all four of the elusive bank robbers, and even uncover large sums of money hidden by the crooks.

Episode 93 – Brotherhood of Hate

An Arkansas State Trooper is shot and killed after pulling over a van for a traffic violation. Officers apprehend the shooter, after a car chase and shootout. ATF is alerted when officers find weapons and explosives in the man’s vehicle. Further testing of the weapons reveals one was used in a murder several months earlier. ATF traces some of the firearms to purchases made by another man from and arms dealer. They also match silencer marks from the weapons to a third man previously arrested for stealing a flatbed truck. Agents learn that all the men are members of The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord (CSA), a 100-plus member racist, anti-Semitic paramilitary group residing in a fortified compound with stockpiles of weapons. Agents uncover a series of robberies and killings that can be linked to the dangerous organization. The FBI and ATF surround the compound, but the members resist them for several days. Finally, the standoff is ended and agents get their men.

Episode 94 – Killer Instinct

A Washington DC professor is shot and killed as she tries to get into her car. The killer leaves the body in the parking lot and drives away in her vehicle. A week later, a man robs a bank, and security cameras capture the same vehicle as the getaway car. The FBI believes they are dealing with the same man. Days later, the same vehicle is involved in a shootout with police, but eventually would elude them. Eventually, the vehicle is found, the interior covered with red dye from the stolen bank packs. A year later, a man is shot and his car is stolen. The next day, the car is used in another bank robbery. Investigators would conclude that the man follows the same pattern; he steals a vehicle and uses it for his crimes. Eventually, authorities would catch up the murderous thief and chase him into a dead-end, where the man would be apprehended. The crook is now serving five life terms, plus an additional 100 years for weapons violations.

Episode 95 – Atlanta Prison Riot

On the morning of November 23, 1987 Cuban prisoners at the Atlanta Federal Prison start setting fires. The inmates break out homemade weapons and steal handcuffs and radios from prison employees. A Cuban prisoner chases a prison officer across the yard, threatening to slit his throat. A tower guard shoots the prisoner dead. By 10:50 the Cubans control most of the central buildings. Local and state police, fire and emergency rescue teams and the Atlanta FBI rush to the prison. Agents are sent to the East Gate, where inmates and detainees are turning themselves into authorities. De-briefing reports at the gate reveal that 79 hostages are being held in the chapel and the American dorm. Military Delta forces are called in and begin gathering intelligence about the identities and movements of hostages. They install closed circuit TV cameras with motion detectors and alarms, while inside, inmates fashion swords by the thousands. The FBI is forced to negotiate with the hostile prisoners to end the standoff as quickly and as peacefully as possible.

Episode 96 – No Place To Hide

In the Spring of 1997, a killer preying on senior citizens terrorizes the River Parish area of Southern Louisiana. By May, local police and the New Orleans FBI are exploring a connection between the April 9 murder of a 71-year old widow and the May 9 murder of a retired couple. A month later, authorities forward information on the crimes to the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit in Quantico, VA, hoping a profile will help them narrow the field of possible suspects. In July an elderly couple survives a violent attack. Like the other victims they were robbed, beaten, shot, and left for dead. Their description of the assailant aids investigators in what have been dubbed the “Airline Highway Slayings.” By September, police and FBI agents working the case link two past murders from March and May to the case, bringing the body count to five. A casino worker calls, and names a possible suspect. Investigators had already been looking into the man, an area mechanic with a gambling problem and connections to several of the victims. FBI agents and local authorities arrest him in Texas in November, 1997 along with his girlfriend. After several hours of questioning, he confesses to six killings.

Episode 97 – A Bitter End

On December 21, 1998, two gunmen kidnap three janitors on their way to clean the Bank of America ATM repository in Las Vegas. The gunmen force the janitors to let them in the ATM repository and hold them hostage until the armored car guards arrive to make their nightly collection. When the guards enter the bank, the gunmen surprise them and shoot one guard in the chest before escaping with $1,088,000, the largest bank robbery take in Las Vegas history. FBI agents and police find the getaway truck in a nearby neighborhood and set up surveillance in the area. Investigators search the residence of a woman who has reportedly been spending large sums of money. The FBI finds a cache of the stolen money and questions the woman’s boyfriend. He tells them that he believes his brother robbed the ATM repository with another man. Authorities arrest his accomplice, and this suspect then flees and leads authorities on a chase, but they apprehend him quickly. Before he can be convicted of the robbery, he commits suicide.

Episode 98 – Dangerous Gamble

In Henderson, NV, a suburb of Las Vegas, two robbers brandishing assault rifles ambush armored guards as they exit their truck on March 3, 2000. The robbers kill both guards and seize $5,000. As the killers run to their getaway car, a police officer arrives and opens fire, striking one escaping assailant in the leg. After loosing the killers in a chase, police collect blood left by the injured robber and bullet casings from the firefight. Las Vegas Police and the FBI notice similarities to brazen midday robberies at the MGM Grand casino, the Desert Inn casino and the Mandalay Bay casino. The FBI developed a list of suspects after the September 20, 1998 MGM Grand robbery. In that heist, two armed men stormed the casino, broke into its main cage, and stole $350,000. A month later, a recent parolee with a $10,000 income, purchased a $169,000 home in the name of his wife’s relative. Investigators’ suspicions of the suspects increased after robbers opened fire on two armored guards in front of the Desert Inn casino on June 28, 1999. Police found the robber’s getaway car at the nearby Vagabond Inn parked next to an abandoned truck that belonged to one of the suspects’ brother-in-law. On June 3, 2000 a security camera captures the robbers as they steal $155,523 from the Bellagio. One of the men’s parole officers confirms their suspicions, and arrests are made.

Episode 99 – Dangerous Takedown

On February 12, 1997, two men use a sledgehammer to break into a Camden, NJ home. The homeowner shoots at the intruders, hitting one in the hand before they escape. Camden Police respond and track the suspects to a nearby park. One of the men shoots at the officer before police arrest his accomplice. The man gives up the identity of the shooter. Twice, police stake out homes where they believe the shooter is hiding, but he eludes them. Soon after, Camden Police get a tip that the man is planning to rob the Woodlyne branch of CoreStates Bank with other men. The FBI surveils the bank for weeks, but with no results. Then, at 10 am on July 19, 1997, three masked men enter the bank armed with assault rifles. After terrorizing tellers and customers, the robbers escape with $64,039. Over the course of the next year, the FBI would chase the elusive thieves, eventually catching them, but only after several more banks are burglarized.

Episode 100 – The Inside Bureau

When violent criminals strike, the FBI strikes back, employing every available resource, and creating new ones when necessary. From forensic science to criminal profiling, specialized intelligence to global fugitive tracking, the agents of the FBI battle the bad guys with a most powerful arsenal: the crime-fighter’s toolbox. This special episode of The FBI Files celebrates the groundbreaking science, investigative technique, and gut-level instinct that has made the FBI the world’s premier law enforcement agency. Dedicated agents on the streets and scientists in the lab use their collective talents to accomplish the FBI’s mission of ensuring justice for the American people in the most creative and effective ways possible.

Episode 101 – The Radical Resistance

In the 1970’s, Otpor, a violent arm of the Croatian National Resistance commits terroristic acts against non-supportive Croatians living in the U.S. With the help of an informant, the FBI is able to apprehend, arrest and convict members of the group for crimes ranging from conspiracy and extortion to murder.

Episode 102 – Forced Entry

In 1994, a rash of home invasion robberies take place in the metropolitan Detroit area. The thieves turn out to be part of a local gang dubbed the “Home Invaders.” Their crimes extend to insurance fraud, theft, and illegal lottery schemes. The Violent Crimes Task Force (VCTF) opens an investigation, and with the cooperation of a gang member who was apprehended at the scene of a crime, they are able to obtain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of 16 gang members. Information obtained through surveillances leads to a stakeout, resulting in captures and arrests. In December 1995, the FBI is able to indict 21 members of the Home Invaders gang through information from wiretaps, evidence seized from search warrants, DNA evidence and testimony of cooperating gang members. The VCTF successfully brings down the entire Home Invaders gang, and, as a result, clears over 200 violent crimes, including murder and rape in the Detroit area.

Episode 103 – Operation Goldenrod

This is the story of the FBI’s first capture of an international Lebanese terrorist. In June 1985, the terrorist and his four accomplices hijacked Royal Jordanian flight #405 shortly before take off in Beirut, Lebanon. On board were American citizens, a professor and his teen son. The FBI opened a criminal investigation and worked with various other government agencies to form Operation Goldenrod, a task force specifically charged with bringing the terrorist to justice in 1989.

Season 7

Episode 104 – Voice of Terror

In the late 1970s, the FBI had a working knowledge of anti-Castro terrorists operating in the United States. But then a new group appeared, more violent and aggressive than their predecessors. All agents had to go on was a series of chilling phone calls, a mysterious voice, and the threat of more violence. FBI field offices from New York to Miami coordinated their efforts, determined to catch the vicious killers.

Episode 105 – Dangerous Cause

In the late 70s and early 80s, a terrorist group known as the FALN is suspected of setting off bombs in major U.S. cities. Their goal – to bring attention to the Puerto Rican independence movement. As the bombings escalate, innocent lives are lost. FBI agents and police are is in a deadly race to stop this murderous group with a dangerous cause.

Episode 106 – Philly Mob War

In Philadelphia, a ruthless grab for power leads to a full-scale mob war. The local Mafia crime family splits in two as the young and the old fight to the death. The FBI is caught in the middle as they infiltrate the syndicate through informants and high-tech surveillance. Agents must find a way to bring down the organization before their civil war leads to innocent causalities.

Episode 107 – The Shootist

In the late 1980s, the FBI matches wits with a cunning bank robber — a lone gunman responsible for the longest string of unsolved bank robberies in FBI history. The robber’s planning is meticulous. He executes his crimes with military precision. It will take the combined skills of local police and dozens of agents to catch a criminal mastermind they call, “The Shootist.”

Episode 108 – Rebellion in Paradise

In Puerto Rico, violent militants are intent on turning the US Commonwealth into a communist dictatorship. They murder a policeman, turns their guns on a busload of unarmed Navy workers, and even launch an attack on the FBI. These ruthless killers have vowed to fight to the death. The FBI must use every tactic at their disposal to track down the terrorists and bring them to justice.

Episode 109 – Terror for Sale

In the 1980s, the drug trade ravages Chicago’s inner city neighborhoods and violent crime threatens to destroy entire communities. As drug profits grow, gangs rule the streets. One of the most dangerous is the El Rukns. FBI Agents team up with state and local police to bring them down, but in the process, uncover a bizarre and frightening terrorist plot.

Episode 110 – Death of a Diplomat

In Washington D.C, a car bomb takes the life of a former ambassador and his secretary. The FBI is on the case and begins sifting through layers of a wide-ranging conspiracy. The scope of the investigation broadens when it becomes apparent that a foreign government, ruled by a ruthless dictator, ordered the attack. Agents and prosecutors must engage in a political tug-of-war to uncover the identities of the assassins.

Episode 111 – Deadly Payout

In 1980, extortionists plant a thousand pound bomb in a Nevada casino and demand millions of dollars, or they will detonate the device. The bomb is the largest explosive device the FBI has ever seen. Detonation would be a disaster. Agents and bomb experts must disarm the deadly device, and stop the dangerous extortionist who built it.

Episode 112 – Operation Seaload

In New York, the FBI and local police join forces to battle the constant influx of Colombian cocaine into the city’s ports. One detective goes undercover, posing as a Mafia wise-guy, and infiltrates a drug gang connected to Pablo Escobar’s Medellin cartel. The detective must be bold, but cautious, taking on the role of a tough-guy, but always aware that if the gang suspects anything, they won’t hesitate to kill him.

Episode 113 – Crackdown

In the 1980’s the New York City Police Department is fighting a losing battle in the war on drugs. Distributors and drug gangs in New York are making millions, and they will do anything to protect their profits. After two law enforcement officers are targeted, hundreds of police officers and FBI agents devise a bold plan to crackdown on the drug gangs and shut down their deadly business.

Episode 114 – Brothers Betrayed

In Puerto Rico, the death of a government witness, and the suspicious circumstances surrounding it, lead the FBI and local authorities to suspect corruption in the highest levels of the police force. With the help of a cooperating witness, investigators find the scope of the corruption is far greater that they first thought. Authorities struggle to capture the rouge officers, men who once swore to uphold the law, but now use their power to commit heinous crimes.

Episode 115 – Stolen Identity

In 1999, Police investigate two brutal murders in two small towns located hundreds of miles apart. The crimes seem random and unrelated, until investigators discover a terrifying link. Local police and the FBI must untangle a web of lies to stop a dangerous gang that will kill a man for his Identity.

Episode 116 – Robin the Hood

In the southwest one serial bank robber claimed his loot went to the poor, but this thief was no folk hero. He had a gun and was willing to shoot. The gunman was desperate to stay free, a threat to anyone in his way. The FBI and U.S. marshals teamed up to capture a resourceful criminal who proved he would never stop fighting.

Episode 117 – The Independence Day Breakout

In 1987, Seven inmates break out of a high security prison in New Mexico. The escapees, all violent criminals, are a threat to anyone who crosses their path. State and local police and the FBI know they must capture these men before they rob, rape and kill…again.

Episode 118 – Bad Company

In Boston, FBI agents and local police tracked a gang of robbers who specialized in armored car takedowns. Their MO was familiar — the gang used precise timing to steal millions in cash… and burned their getaway cars to destroy evidence. As the robberies grew more violent, agents launched a complex sting: To trap a deadly ring of thieves… and shut down their dangerous operation.

Episode 119 – The Ivy League Murders

In the winter of 2001, two well-loved and respected college professors are found murdered in their home. Nothing about the case makes sense. No items are missing from the home and the couple had no known enemies. Local police and FBI agents form a task force to find a pair of homegrown killers and a motive for the brutal crime they committed.

Episode 120 – Sniper at Home

In Georgia, a series of bizarre shootings terrorizes the town of East Point. Two people are killed, and two are critically wounded. At first the shootings seem targeted, then they seem random. As the body count climbs, the killer taunts law enforcement with mysterious notes. Agents believe the shooter will continue until he is dead…or behind bars.

Episode 121 – Final Takedown

In the early 90s, a gang based in the U.S. Virgin Islands began smuggling thousands of kilos of cocaine into mainland America. Police and federal agents target the gang, but its leader remains a mystery. In an investigation spanning from Georgia to South America, local police, the DEA, U.S. Customs and the FBI work together to take down this dangerous drug gang.